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Unique and Creative Birthday Party Ideas & Themes for Boy - Likeitgirl

Unique and Creative Birthday Party Ideas & Themes for Boy

Your little prince is turning into the first year. Parents get the best opportunity for doors to celebrate the first year of his life. Parents mostly look for new ideas and experiment with new things to make it memorable. we understand how hard it is to think about and plan for the first birthday party. This is why we have come up with some creative themes to make your boy’s birthday unforgettable.

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1.Cake smash Outfits and costumes

The concept of celebrating the first birthday is simple you want to take cute photos of your baby boy. Cake smash photos are given equally important as of birthday celebration. So the baby boy’s outfits must compliment with this. Allow some bright color to make him wear formal outfits in a nice manner. Nice tuxedo with a tie, pant, and the t-shirt is an amazing outfit. For decent look, you can use the plain shirt and lining waistcoat and bow on the neck and comfortable half pant very well suits to your little hero. But if you have planned for a certain theme you can wear him a matching themed dress like Spiderman, superhero, doremon, etc.

2. Unique first birthday party themed

Baby love milk and cookies are more than anything. so adore his love for milk and cookies and decorate the food table with scrumptious cookies. You can do some experiment and make some good milkshakes crushing cookies in the mixture. Have some blue and rainbow color cookies iced with smiley images? Instead, the cake you can make the cookies tower and then decorate it with colorful icing. it is certainly a good surprise to win the heart of your baby boy.

3. Vintage plane themed

Your kid love to flying plains so vintage plane birthday theme is a nice example to turn his dream into reality. All you need to do is to make the airport and with some cloud cutouts. Now land some beautiful plane toys in this airport. Allow some chartered planes, helicopter, fighter plane, submarines to set on the cake table. You can also personalize cake in this scheme so you have got all the reason to make him smile throughout the party time.

4. Woodland- themed

Guests and your kid will fall in love with amazing details of wooden decoration applied on the cake table. It is a good exercise of body and mind. The cake table is inspired by the forest scheme. Green moss and trees and pinecones are used to make a woodland themed decoration. Cupcakes and macarons are beautifully adjusted under the staked tree rounds. A mom has to do some homework before the time because she has to equipped and get all the wooden dishes and plates and things to set the wooden scheme.

5. Baby elephant themed

No worries if you have no ideas of how to plan it. You can search on the shopping websites they provide all types of cutouts and necessary details for arranging a baby elephant themed party. It takes a few minutes to arrange the baby elephant cutouts and decorate it on the cake table. Use some bright shades of sky blue and white to match with the baby elephant scheme. Carve his love for animal on the cake by ordering customized cake online.

6.strike a rock star

Let your kid flaunt like a rock star. Arrange a rocking party for your rock star. Dress him up with the rock star costumes, with fancy goggles, guitar on hand and fancy hat on head. Decorate the party with fancy musical instruments, some musical notes, and some pop singers photos. If he loves singing, arrange karaoke to make him sing. Also, set the musical stage to allow all kid guests to dance with heart overnight.

7. Fishing siesta themed

This aquatic party is finished with colorful fish garlands on the top of the cake. You will find lots of fish toys from the market to use it and decorate the cake table. If you wish to decorate it with live fish you can arrange one aquarium filled with colorful fishes. Or set one tub with water and the colorful fishes swimming nicely in it. Allow your kid to feed fish by giving him some fish food to throw in water. You can get the fishing themed cakes online from order cake delivery shop to give your kid the best surprise on the very first year of his life this is how you can increase the level of fun in the fishing party.

This is how you can double the joy of celebration by putting some nice themes in the party. Birthday falls once in a year and the first birthday is a very important part of life. Every person has a dream to see how his childhood was and how his first birthday was celebrated. With these ideas, your son will always thank you for making his first birthday the most memorable moment of life. So be it to enjoy it for a lifetime.

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