Men are very much affected by weight gain and it is said that as compared to women, men suffer from this issue the most and you would be amazed to know that small changes in life is causing such issues which are liked by none. There are ways of losing weight already mentioned at Healthclubfinder so you can browse through the site and get some solution as well and while you count on the tricks or remedies you would first have to know the reason as that would make the process more effective as well as easy at the same time. If you are wondering about some of the most common reasons behind unexplained weight gain in men then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out for sure:

Body type:

Body type actually plays an important role in determining your weight and if you would be in a strict diet and lifestyle then your body would be on point but in case you are not taking good care of your body then you would rapidly start gaining weight however the amount of weight gain would entirely depend upon the body time of yours. Here you would have to keep your workout on point and daily exercise would save you from such weight gain, so you should never your workout of the day otherwise the result would not be very suitable for you as well as for your body.


Genes again plays a vital role in your body type as well as your bodyweight so if your genes carry obesity so you would tend to gain weight way too often and the socking part is that you don’t even have to eat a lot for that weight gain as a small change can make you gain a lot of body weight. Here you would have to accept the fact of rapid weight gain so you should never allow any such change in your life rather plan for a strict lifestyle


Depression can invite lots of difficult situations in life and obesity has to be one of them and if you often get depressed easily then either you would tend to lose too much of weight or else you would gain way too much of fat and the thing is that you don’t even have to eat a lot in this case. Here you would have to be worried about your inner soul and so you should practice yoga or meditation along with some workouts to keep your body fit and so you would get depression as much and on the other hand, you would not be suffering from obesity or rapid weight gain.


Stress is the second step of tension and it is said that being tensed is normal but a person should never take their tension in a level that it takes the shape of stress otherwise many problems can appear in life and apart from obesity there are other dangerous health issues as well that stress can invite. Here the best way to distress your self is by doing meditation as that relaxes the mind and also you can try to keep yourself busy in work so that you are less likely to get stressed as such and also you can try listening to songs as that also helps a lot in this case of stress.

Thyroid imbalance:

Metabolism is very important in both weight gain as well as weight loss and if your metabolism would be high then you would be more likely to lose weight but on the other hand, if your metabolism would be kin of low then you would be more likely to gain rapid weight. The thyroid is one such health issue that actually lowers the metabolism rate which again promotes weight gain and the only way out here is to treat the issue and some medicines would definitely help in this situation.

Unhealthy food habits:

No matter what body type you are or whether you have any health issue or not but if you would eat unhealthy food then you would gain weight at any point. Junk food has to be the worst enemy of your body and if your diet would include too many unhealthy snacks and all then no one can save you from gaining weight. Here you should plan your diet well and you should include lots of healthy vegetables by excluding unhealthy junks. You should not miss your healthy fats as that would help your body to stay fit for a long time.

Having a large quantity of food:

Now there are people who would work all day long and this is very common in case of men so they would skip on meals and would stay empty stomach for a very long period of time which results in large food portion consumption in the very next meal. If you would keep your stomach empty for a long period of time then your stomach would start saving up calories which would constitute into fat and also you would be more likely to eat large portions of food in this case. The best way out from this problem is to have food every once in a while but each time the quantity of food needs to be less.

Unhealthy lifestyle:

If you lead a very lazy lifestyle where you stick by a place and work and at the same time if you would not move your body much then no matter what but you would end up gaining a lot of weight which no one wants. This happens mostly with men who work in an indoor company where they have to sit in front of computer for hours to get their duty done and in this case you should always find reasons to walk a bit and warm up your body at the same time as that would help you a lot in this case and you can also ditch lift and use stairs as that helps a lot.

Medicinal reaction:

There are some medicines available that are very dangerous for your health but that has to be taken for some health issues and such medicines always come up with some health issues as well and obesity is one of them and here no matter how well you live but you can still suffer from obesity and the worst thing is that you cannot even skip on your medicine. Here you should be extra strict towards your diet and also you should do the more physical workout than usual. You can also consult with your doctor and ask to replace the medicine if possible as that seems to be the most effective way here.


As we would age our body metabolism would decrease which results in an increase in body fat and in this case you should take weight loss supplements and also you can increase your workout as well. no matter what gender you belong to but aging would definitely affect the overall weight of the body but that depends as in many cases it has been seen that people decrease eating so they somehow tend to suffer from malnutrition which seems to be equally bad as obesity is so you need to be careful in both the cases here.

These were some of the most common causes of unexplained weight gain in men and for more such information you can browse through Healthclubfinder.

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