The older we get, the harder it is to get everything done (or is that a subjective feeling?). Back in the day when we were first starting out, the days seemed to be longer, commitments easier to fulfill, tasks less demanding and the overall engagement way more productive. And when you think about it – we actually made the time to see the people we love. Ah, sweet times!

These days, we are all in the race to get things done, sometimes we are past our deadlines (let’s not make that a common occurrence) and we always find excuses why we couldn’t do it all with the same enthusiasm and efficiency like an average 20-year old. Here’s why: it may be because we got kind of fed up with work and are mentally sipping on cocktails on some sandy beach in Hawaii OR we’re collectively failing to organize ourselves. If you feel like we got it right with the first option, you can stop reading this article this very moment. However, if you think organization’s what’s been stopping you from being the best employee possible, that’s where we come in!

Read through our guide that will help you improve, be effective and get more done that you’ve ever thought possible.


Wake Up Before Everyone Else

The most successful people out there wake up with the very first sunrays (approximately 4AM or 5AM) in order to get more things done. That way, they not only have enough time to sip on their coffee but also squeeze in a workout, do some work, get ready and show up at the office on time. Simple!

Tackle Tasks You Despise First

While it sounds absolutely ludicrous, the worst tasks are the best place to start. Beginning each workday with the least desirable item on your to-do list will make you peaceful for the rest of the day and mentally clear to focus on other tasks. Your productivity will increase as will your general determination to get things done.

Change Your Evening Routine

Examine your habits and cut out the time-sucking, mindless, procrastinating activities that leave you even more tired – and get yourself to bed at a reasonable hour each and every night.


Prep for Tomorrow, Today

Focus on preparing for the next day each night to avoid getting late to the office. This particularly applies to people with family commitments or those who live far from work.

Select your clothing, pack your lunch, prepare your documents and laptop…  make as many preparations as necessary to ensure you’ll get out the door faster. It’ll take time to make this a routine, but once you do – it’ll all go on autopilot. Plus, you will actually have time to enjoy your morning cup of coffee!

Don’t Commute to Work

Spending too much time in public transport has proven traumatic and stressful; instead of commuting to work, go on foot, ride a bike, ride your hoverboard segway straight to the office, or ride a regular bike. Whatever – just stay active.

Chat With the Boss

Ask for your boss for an evaluation of your work as well as some guidance and suggestions on ways to improve your performance. Think them through and make plans to improve. These evaluations will help keep you on your toes and fix any faults that may be taunting you.


Don’t Waste Time Online

We all need an occasional de-stress session at work so we immediately log on to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and WhatsApp at work, checking out updates or chatting. Believe it or not, those short bursts of distraction are a great way to increase your productivity BUT only if limited. If they are power-distractions (something similar to a 15-minute power nap) you’re okay. However, don’t overdo it.

Know Your Limits

Ambition and enthusiasm have always been great ways to make things happen; however, you need to stop from time to time and re-charge. If you constantly feel exhausted but you keep pushing yourself, not only will you get less done but you’ll burn out. Stop and rest.

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