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It’s a bright new season with some uncertain factors. The next 2 days are a perfect time to get in sync with Aries, the most direct and energetically pro-active sign, before the volume gets turned up with the Libra Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday.

It’s hard to restrain feelings with the Sun in Aries. Try to be patient when detail-oriented Moon in Virgo opposes the holy Venus/Neptune conjunction and cuts the glow with practical realities. Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is in the final degree of Pisces for most of the day, creating a conflict of attention.

After Mercury enters Aries for only 14 days, all types of communications accelerate so much that you may feel your mind is racing. The practical Moon square Saturn reminds you to slow down and work out the details without stress.

By the end of the day you’ll be more at ease with the confluence of changes. You’ll recognize how you can manage your life and create your future.

On Tuesday, the Moon is void of course all day. Just keep working on the details and don’t blow them up into bigger situations than they already are.

Recognize the patterns that hold you back so that you can fully intend to change them now.

Use your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant to read your personal horoscope.

Aries – You’re as sharp as you’ve ever been. Ideas funnel through your consciousness from whatever you turn your attention to. Your senses are sharp and you’re ready to assert yourself in communications with others. If you feel there’s a delay, trust that there’s a reason and you’ll be back on track in no time.

Taurus – You’re in your own world as you recharge in the depths of your inner world. Write poetry or music. Consider your impulses and discover where they lead. The ordinary doesn’t interest you. Don’t worry that you no longer feel like sharing your thoughts with others. This is a relatively brief break to discover more about yourself.

Gemini – Your ruling planet in Aries is the regeneration you’ve been looking for. Your air adds fuel to the fire of Mercury in Aries and enlivens your friendships and group contacts. You get where people are coming from and you’re a natural conduit for facilitating group dynamics. Get out and lead the conversation.

Cancer – Now it’s all really making sense. With Mercury in Aries you have a strong bridge from your inner awareness to what you know the world needs to hear. You’re confident about how this can be done and you’re determined to concentrate on getting it done to fulfill your higher vision.

Leo – Your vision is forming of how you can integrate your range of interests into larger possibilities. It’s important for you to continuously expand your perceptions by sharing your ideas with others. Your considerable mental energy needs an outlet to teach what you’ve discovered.

Virgo – Your mental energy is shifting from partnerships to your inner awareness and deep areas of your being. You can penetrate any mystery and thoroughly understand any subject you turn your mind to. Delve into a project that you want to fully understand and you’ll be very pleased with what you come up with.

Libra – You’re curious about the perspectives of others and your questions are a lovely way to create connections with your partnerships. You find your intellectual expression grows from engaging the opinions of others while holding your own in balance.

Scorpio – Your mind is sharpening how you can get to the root of any discomfort in your life. It’s harder for you to see the bigger picture while Mercury moves through Aries. Be conscious of critical judgments about others who don’t meet your standards.

Sagittarius – You’re going to be able to put it all together and move into the limelight when Mercury moves into Aries. You know what you have to say and you’ll entertain others in creative ways that communicates what you’ve been developing over the last month. Involve your audience by remembering there are other viewpoints.

Capricorn – Delay any announcements until Mercury moves into Aries or you might be criticized for some details that were left out. Once Mercury is in Aries, you’ll still need to mind your concentration as your senses will be alive like a little lamb that wants to play. Try to detach from your feelings for better reception from others.

Aquarius – You’ve been feeling a fuzzy confusion about your resources that are ready to jump out of slumber into a sharper, expressive perspective. You’re restless and a little nervous about what’s next, but your happy life is definitely changing in a new direction.

Pisces – More than ever, you’ve been feeling what it is to be a Pisces. You’ll be able to have clarity of mind on where to direct your floating consciousness once Mercury moves into Aries and connects your inner awareness with your physical resources. You’ll be an aligned conduit of cosmic awareness grounded in reality.

Aspects on 3/21:
  • Mercury enters Aries at 5:19pm PDT/1:19am GMT/12:19pm AEST
  • Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces at 6:59am PDT/2:59am GMT/1:59pm AEST
  • Moon in Virgo opposite Venus in Pisces at 9:14am PDT/5:14pm GMT/4:14am AEST
  • Moon in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius at 7:07pm PDT/3:07am GMT/2:07pm AEST
  • Moon in Virgo conjunct Jupiter at 7:27pm PDT/3:27am GMT/2:27pm AEST
  • Moon in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn at 8:55pm PDT/4:55am GMT/3:55pm AEST
  • Moon void of course in Virgo at 8:55pm PDT/4:55am GMT/3:55pm AEST
Aspects on 3/22:
  • Moon in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces at 5:46am PDT/2:46pm GMT/1:46am AEST
  • Moon enters Libra at 10:23pm PDT/6:23am GMT/5:23pm AEST
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