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Udaipur comes alive in winters - Likeitgirl

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India. All the seasons in Udaipur have their own charm, but the best time to visit Udaipur begins from September and ends in March. These are the months when the weather remains favourable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Even though monsoon is also a good time, winter is undisputedly the most pleasant for visiting Udaipur. One can witness the city in its most charming self during winters. Here’s how:

1. Palaces and forts

Udaipur forts

Udaipur’s rich culture and vibrant heritage are displayed in its grand architecture. For photography aspirants and travellers, winter season is the perfect time to explore the wonders of this magnificent city. From Bagore ki Haveli to City Palace, along with Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, and Maharana Pratap Memorial, one can get the idyllic setting for a photograph.


2. Lakes



Sunset on Lake Pichola is perhaps one of the most glorious sights in the city. The Aravalli mountains form the backdrop and the ochre setting sun adds to the ambience. The shimmering water adds to the tranquillity of the atmosphere. In fact, in the winter season, the weather is perfect to sit on a boat and sail on the blue water, bathing in the orange shades of the dusk.


3. Shopping


Shopping Experience

Udaipur is an ultimate shopper’s delight. Shopping in Udaipur is in itself an experience worth trying out. In the winter season, the pleasant weather allows people to walk across various shops and local bazaars without feeling the heat and the fatigue. Hathi Poll, Bada Bazaar and Chetak Circle are some of the shopping hubs where one can find a range of handicrafts, accessories, and traditional jewellery. These shops only double in number during the winter season.


4. Winter food


Winter food

As the winter season arrives, there is a richness in the food of Udaipur. The main course experiences an addition of Jowar, Bajra, Makki and Gaur, and the sweetmeats of the region also go through a unique transformation. Desserts like Lapsi and Raab are added, and til ka laddoo, chikki, and gond ka laddo are preferred due to the decrease in temperature. Whether it is the best restaurants in Udaipur or street stalls, the preparations are cooked with great care and love.


5. Resorts


heritage resorts in Udaipur

The innumerable heritage resorts in Udaipur are one of the charming features of the city. The finest hotels, the likes of The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur, assume an enigmatic aura in the winter season which only add to the charm of the city. There are many activities in winter like bonfire that make the guests more comfortable and the stay more pleasurable and joyous. Winters in Udaipur are known for their warm drinks, comfortable fires, and delicious food, and the best hotels in the city strive to uphold that reputation.

Hence, if you’re planning to visit Udaipur, winter season is the best time to plan the trip as the city is at its best during that time. You can shop, hop, and walk around the city without breaking into a sweat, and can also enjoy the various sites and experiences the city has to offer in the best weather possible.

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