Types of Silver Promise Rings People Give Each Other

Rings are not just for making a fashion statement or looking good by adorning yourself with precious metals. That is very artificial, but when rings are used to convey your innermost desires and promises of a lifetime, then they become in the truest sense the purest object ever. Likewise, Silver Promise Rings are also used by people to convey their emotions and deepest desires. They are of various types depending on the purpose they will be used for. You can gift it to yourself as well and to other also. Take a look at the various types of rings which symbolizes loyalty, promises, commitment and love as well.

Sterling silver promise rings as a class ring

One of the first promise rings silver is actually the class ring we get in our high school. It represents something unique related to our high school. It represents our high school and the best part of our life. People wearing these rings also represent their sports club, drama club, etc. At times, high school students give each other rings symbolizing their young and pure love and by giving this ring they make the bold decision of showing the whole world about their young love.

Sterling silver promise rings for her as a per-engagement ring

This ring is generally given by a man to his beloved when he wants to get married to her in the near future. In modern times, men give this to their girlfriends to show the world that they are exclusive and if not now, but they will for certainty get married sometime in the future. It represents one step ahead a couple can take for their relationship. They generally contain diamonds and it looks like a traditional engagement ring.

Promise rings sterling silver as a group identifying ring

This kind of ring show your membership of belonging to a particular organization or group and also represents your loyalty and brotherhood toward them. Others will clearly understand that you are part of some secret or fraternal society when they will see this ring on your hand. They are engraved with the symbols of the group and are generally thicker than other kind of promise rings.

Purity Rings for couples

When couples want to abstain from sex with anyone else and even from each other before getting married they wearthese kinds of rings. This shows to the whole world about their intentions an also saves form awkward sexual encounters that they do not want to face. When a single person wears this ring, they show to the world that they want to remain virgin until they get properly married to someone. People also do this when they want to wait for that ‘one’ person, their soul-mate with whom they want to break their virginity. They chose purity rings as a part of their life and maintain that religiously. Purity rings always are generally engraved. They have messages engraved on them which the wearer believes on.


Now, you know the different types of ring that are used by men to promise something to their loved ones or to themselves.

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