Types of safety equipment used in industries

Industrial safety equipment is one of the most important equipment and tools. Depending on the industry you are in there could be various types of safety equipment and tools required. Anyways here are some of the common safety tools and items used in the industries.

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Convex mirrors

Convex mirrors are used in vehicles within industrial premises. Sometimes you can also hand trucks. They give better visibility in low visibility areas or while working in compact industrial spaces. They can be used in logistics or inside warehouses or alongside assembly lines to prevent collision with other objects and machines.

Bollards for traffic management

Bollards are mostly used for traffic management which is also seen commonly on roads. Bollards can be used for diverging or converging traffic for preventing collisions and accidents. They are used in various industries such as in chemical factories, logistical centers, warehouses, food processing,

Anywhere there is high traffic flow you can use them to indicate pathways for entrance and exits for avoiding accidents.

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Portable barriers

Portable barriers are used to indicate non-entry pathways and spaces. These can be easily extended in any place or removed from there. They generally indicate that it’s a non-access zone.

Spill kits

Spill kits are usually used for preventing leaks and cleaning stains for floors. There are various types of chemicals used in the industries and based on that you will have to buy a spill kit that contains chemicals and floor cleaners that will clean the chemical without causing any reaction or permanent floor stain.

Cabinets for storing hazardous items and goods

There could be various types of hazardous items stored in industries such as petrol, diesel, LPG gas cylinders, and others. You have to store these highly explosive and combustible items separately to prevent any catastrophic accident in your industry.

This is where the role of the specially designed hazardous goods cabinet comes into the fray. These cabinets are ideal for storing various types of combustible substances that you can also check out on www.teamsystems.net.au.

Anti-slipping mats

There are sometimes anti-slipping mats required on the industry floors to prevent slipping. Anti-slipping mats help you to provide more grip to foot, shoes, and any other substance and thus prevent injuries to your labors.

Safety signage labels and stickers

There are various types of stickers and labels used to warn of public and workers about potentially harmful substances in industries. Examples include wheelie bins where you will find these stickers especially if they store electronic wastes, nuclear wastes, non-biodegradable wastes, and other hazardous chemicals releasing toxic fumes and gases.

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