Types of fungal infections and how to prevent them

Fungi are microscopic organisms. Some species of fungi can infect the human body. If the human immune system is unable to stop the fungus then the person will suffer from a fungal infection. Much like bacteria, they attach themselves to the host body and then try to survive in the new environment. Fungal infections like ringworm or athlete’s foot can happen to anyone, especially in tropical places.

Fungal infections are comparatively more common in places with high temperatures and humidity, as it is the ideal condition for fungi to thrive in. A person suffering from any fungal infection will show some general symptoms like red and itchy skin, etc. However fungal infections are nothing to worry about as they can be easily treated in the initial stages using simple remedies. You should take care to keep the infected area dry and try using the best antifungal cream India to treat it.

  • Tineapedis or commonly known as athlete’s foot affects a person’s feet. This fungal infection is generally common among athletes because they stay in sweaty socks and shoes that are a great environment for the fungus to grow in. Typically people suffering from an athlete’s foot suffer from redness, itchiness, or burning sensation in the feet. Mostly antifungal ointments and oral medications can help relieve you from an athlete’s foot. This fungal infection can be easily avoided by wearing sandals that help your feet to breathe. You should try to keep your feet clean and dry as much as possible.
  • Tineacruris or jock itch is a fungal infection that thrives in the moist regions of the human body. This condition is more prevalent among men and adolescent boys. The fundamental indication is a bothersome red rash that ordinarily begins in the crotch territory or around the upper inward thighs. The influenced skin may likewise show up textured, flaky, or split. The external outskirt of the rash can be somewhat raised and darker. This fungus is mildly contagious and you can catch it if you come in physical contact with the person who has the infection. Sometimes inanimate objects can also be carriers of the fungus. Jock itch can also be treated using the best antifungal ointment in India, creams, and other medications. This infection can be prevented if you wear loose and light fabrics like cotton. You should also never use other’s hygiene items like towels or underwear, as these items can be a carrier of the fungus.
  • Ringworm is undoubtedly the most common fungal infection. The fungus that is responsible for this infection lives off dead cells like skin and hair. The symptoms of this infection can be easily observed as a red circular patch of skin that may be itchy or scaly. Ringworm can be easily transmitted from person to person and even animals. The fungus also can survive on objects. You can cure this using creams and ointments. Take good care of your hygiene to prevent it.

Fungal infections can be quite irritating and bothersome. As such it’s always a good idea to take the necessary precautions and prevent it from happening in the first place.

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