Types of Funeral Flowers You can Send Online

Flowers can covey all kind of emotions, including condolences and grief. On someone close’s demise, sending flowers to funeral is a generous way to express your condolences. Every type of flowers pertain their own uniqueness and symbolize something special. There are a number of flowers you can choose from to send online from one of the best online florists- MyFlowerApp.Com. Order and send the flowers instantly with fastest online flower delivery service, same day flower delivery and express delivery. From this article, you will have an idea on how to choose funeral flowers. Have a look on this guide to learn more about sympathy flowers and their meanings.


Lilies are the most traditional funeral flowers center in most of the countries. The white Lilies are symbolic figures of the soul of the departed ones and it also denotes hope offered for the renewal process of life. White is considered to be the color of peace. When you choose the funeral flowers, sending a bouquet or basket of white lilies can be a good option to send for the ongoing rituals, a faith-based or religious service followed for the departed ones.


Carnations are known to be God’s Flowers. It can be sent to convey peace, spirituality, love, and sympathy. Send carnations in hand crafted baskets, sleeves and bouquets online to convey your deepest emotions and admiration for the deceased ones. White carnations stand for purity and peace while pink carnations can be sent to convey remembrances. So choose the flowers according to colors and range or availability and send them online. Peaceful white carnation is one of the best choice for sympathy flowers.


Chrysanthemum or mum flowers, can be a subtle choice when it is a moment of grief. Send Chrysanthemums when mourning with a family. This flowers in white shade are given special importance on such unfortunate occasions in most of the Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Korea. In Europe, the mums are only offered at the funerals or graves to symbolize sorrow and grief.

White Roses

Roses are admired worldwide to be the flower with multiple ability to express emotions. They are chosen as the ideal flowers for almost all the occasions and purpose. Even at the mourning of someone close, send white roses to tell them how much you have admired them.  Pink roses can also be sent as a symbol of appreciation and grace. Offer a white-roses-bunch from MyFlowerApp’s shelves.


Send your loving memories and remembrances to the one who left you all behind. Offer your deepest love and emotions for the bygone and let them know that you will love them forever with the pink, purple, white or blue orchids. These flowers express your sympathy and sorrow in a subtle way. You can also send the flowers to show your support and hope to the ones going through the testing time in such great loss.

Hydrangeas, Daffodils and Tulips and Gladioli also are symbolic presentation of sympathy, hope, peace, purity and innocence. You can send these flowers in bouquets, vases, sleeves or fresh bunches to those family and friends associated with the grievances. Let them know that you will always be there for them in their tough times.

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