Types of Full Figure Bras

Women with a full bust have a problem wearing ordinary bras because the cups would be too squeezing causing them discomfort, pain, and the breast tissue to spill out of the cup edges. The difference between a full bust woman and plus size one is in the overall body size and not the size of boobs. For the full bust, the breasts are large but the body may or may not be huge. The band size is therefore on average smaller than that of plus size women. Full figure bras go up to 38 inches with cup size D. For the plus size women, the overall body size is huge, including the boobs and bust. The average band length for plus size is 40 inches and the cup size exceeds D.

A full bust woman needs a bra that will lift and support her boobs and the best full figure bra is the one that provides full coverage, pushes up the breasts while remaining comfortable all day. The type of full figure lift bra to wear will depend on the day’s occasion but here are the most popular ones.

  1. Laced bras– these are bras that have flowery like fabric and stitching over the cups. The lace serves no major functional value except decoration. However, the lace tends to show underneath some close fitting garments, which some people don’t find appealing.
  2. Seamed bras– this type of full figure bra features a seam at the edges of the cups to provide extra support and lift to your breasts. However, the seam also shows underneath some outfits.
  3. Underwire bras– full figure breasts are heavy and lifting and supporting that weight requires a strong bra. Some full bust bras therefore have a metallic or plastic underwire that lines the bra seam in order to ensure maximum push up and stay put capability especially if one is out for a highly active day. The major concern with underwire is that it introduces the risk of injury if the underwire breaks while you are still wearing the bra.
  4. Wireless bras– these bras get rid of the underwire and its risks, and try compensate for its removal through a stronger and wider band.
  5. T-shirt bras– these are full coverage bras that are seamless and feature moulded cups. They are suitable when you want to wear close fitting apparels such as t-shirts or tops, because they don’t show underneath outer clothing.
  6. Minimizer bras– just as the name suggests, these brassieres are designed to compress your breasts thus making them appear smaller. They press the breasts thus giving them a better shape, perfect when you want to wear form fitting outfits.

Whatever type of full bust brassiere you want to purchase, you may want to go through important factors to consider in a full figure bra.

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