Types of Dupattas Every Woman Needs

A Dupatta is not just a beautiful piece of clothing, it’s also prominent and essential to the cultural landscape of India. The dupatta is a shawl-like drape, typically worn by women as an accompaniment to their traditional Indian kurtas, lehengas and shararas. The dupatta doubles as a valuable accessory. It can literally uplift your boring outfit and turn it into something fit for a glam queen. Worn across the board and in every walk of life, there are always perfect types of dupattas out there, waiting to journey into each and every one’s wardrobe! You could get an extensive range online dupatta shopping in India. Here are some types to enhance your wardrobe.

Liven It Up with A Phulkari Dupatta:

A phulkari dupatta is the very definition of colourful vibrancy! Literally translating into flower (phul) – craft (Kari), this unique embroidery technique has its origins in the Punjab region. A popular wedding and festive regular, Phulkariare beyond just a craft – it is an art of bringing together bright, bold colours & a showcase of intricate embroidery on coarse cotton in soft floss silk thread. The hues and motifs used in phulkari are representative of daily village life, emotive expressions of the wearer – be it a bride or a participant of the festivities and demonstrated cultural or societal status quo in older times.

Banarasi Silk Dupatta – A Regal Drape:

Originally woven with pure gold intermixed with silk, banarasi silk is a cultural icon and a heritage heirloom in India.Although most popularly purchased in a sari form, banarasi silk dupatta options also form a major chunk of this recently revived economy. Glamorous, heavy and suitable for all kinds of festivities, this dupatta option can be the absolute star of your outfit! Meant for occasion wear, these dupattas exude a regal vibe and are quite ornate-looking. Banarasi silk dupattas add a retro feel to your look and are a flexible lot. You can do it on festivals, office parties or even when visiting your significant other’s parents. They are rich and will surely impress a culture enthusiast!

Kalamkari Dupatta – An Invaluable Inheritance:

Often painted or block-printed by hand, Kalamkari is a unique textile art-form that originated in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India. Kitschy, crafty and bold, this is a south Indian technique of vegetable pigment dyeing that is organic and eco-friendly! Historically, Kalamkari was known as ‘Pattachitra’, literally translating into ‘Cloth-pictures’. A kalamkari dupatta holds and depicts ancient lore, stories of yore and holds so much more in its folds – even to this day!

Nothing’s as Softand Gentle as A Chiffon Dupatta:

Ideal for lighter embroideries like machine-work or gotaPatti, stitch line details, fabric manipulations and other surface techniques; chiffon is a lightweight, sheer and beautiful organic fabric that typically screams summer. Drape friendly and a fertile base for the mystic imaginings of designers, a chiffon dupatta can add to your desi outfit like no other! This fabric itself gives you a Bollywood feel to your entire outfit. This dupatta type like georgette flashes your carefree nature as you play along with the breeze. Made with thin threads these dupattas are very light in weight and hence are easy to carry. These dupattas make you look instantly beautiful adding that feminine touch to it. But make sure that it doesn’t have excessively embroidery, as that will not look good.

Georgette Dupatta:

Georgette is known as the easiest breezy staple in woman’s wardrobe. What can be the reason behind this? Georgette is the best-known fabric for summers, spring and happy days of the year. So, whenever you are in best of your spirits go for a beautiful floral printed georgette dupatta. They are generally light in weight and feature a little bit transparent texture. Light lace works, print patterns and pompoms can be attached to them to enhance its over-all looks however heavy works may shatter the look of these delicate drapes.

Pashmina Dupatta

Pashmina is basically an art originated in Kashmir, India. The type of print which we see over these dupattas is widely known as Kashmiri art. It takes over a month’s toil and complete dedication to bring such a piece of heartthrob and thus Pashmina dupattas are slightly expensive than the others. They can add instant elegant impact to your appeal which will further bring you oodles of compliments. These feminine staples are truly comfortable and warm to wear all day long during chilly days. Featuring a natural sheen, these staples are favourites during concerts and events where art enthusiasts are visiting.

An Indian woman’s closet is incomplete without streams of colourful scarves called dupatta or chunni cascading in one corner. There are many more types of dupattas available in the market or on the websites. You can also buy dupatta online India as online websites provide you a wide range of variety.

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