Traveling with a child is always challenging and so you must be well prepared for the journey. For many parents, this is a stressful time since they worry about how their child will endure the trip. However, with these trip hacks for when you travel with a toddler, you will easily learn to relax and have a comfortable ride.


  • Always use a car seat


A car seat is very practical baby equipment that will keep your child safe and content during the trip. Moreover, some car seats can get attached to stroller or turn into the carrier, so you will have to carry less baby equipment with you. It’s important to remember the safety rule that car seats should face the rear to ensure the maximum safety of your toddler.


  • Drive at night


While it may be a little bit uncomfortable for you as parents, driving at night is better for your baby. Since they will spend that time sleeping, both you and your toddler will feel less stressed about the ride. You should start the trip at bedtime and put your baby to sleep in a car seat, as well as switch drivers and rest along the way.


  • Bring toys with you


Kids need entertainment and that is why you should bring their favorite toys on the trip. However, don’t give them all their toys at once or they will easily get bored. Instead, allow them to play with one at a time and hide the rest so they don’t get upset for not having the other ones as well.


  • Read and sing to your toddler


Besides using toys and games, there are also other ways to avoid crying fits and keep your toddler entertained. The seat on the backseat and read to them, have a sing along to their favorite tune or play them cartoons on a tablet. And when you get tired, you can always play an audiobook to keep them occupied while you rest.


  • Take frequent breaks


Driving is very tiring both for drivers and the passengers so you should take frequent breaks. No matter if there is a gas station or just a convenient spot to stop, you should rest, change the baby’s diapers and have some coffee. Also, you can all get some fresh air, stretch your legs and even get some sleep, especially if the trip is long or you drive at night.


  • Pack a nappy backpack


No matter how long is the drive, you will want to pack a nappy backpack with all the essentials necessary for a comfortable ride. Separated pockets will allow you to store all the supplies you will need like diapers, wipes, and change of clothes. Also, bring portable change mat and disposal bags so you can easily change the diapers anywhere you stop.


  • Bring a baby first aid kit


Baby first aid kit is a little bit different than the grown-up version and includes all the essentials you may need to take care of your child. Before packing it, however, consult with a pediatrician to see what prescription drugs to take with you and you can also take your baby for a before-the-trip check-up. 

The kit should include cotton swabs for baby’s ears and nose, medicine dropper, nail clippers, and nasal aspirator. Also, bring a thermometer and alcohol for its disinfection, as well as creams for rash and insect bites. Antibiotic cream for cuts and medicine for fever and stomachache should also be on the list, as well as band-aids and cotton balls. 


These trip hacks will help the whole family have an enjoyable and safe ride when you travel with a toddler. While it may have its challenges, the journey can also be fun and exciting with the minimum of stress and worries. After all, you probably carry wonderful memories of traveling as kids so you can make it a great experience for your child, as well.   

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