Tried And Tested Techniques For Raccoon Removal

Having raccoons skipping around in your house can be a severe problem. It might seem harmless at first but as their population and control over your house increases, it is needless to say that you will be the one looking for ways to get rid of these unwanted guests. Raccoons not only pose a lot of dangers to one’s health but can also lead to a lot of damage to the property. Therefore, as soon as you start noticing signs of a raccoon infestation, it is time to start arranging for raccoon removal Toronto. Here are a few tried and tested techniques that are proven for successful raccoon removal:

Sealing Holes:

The most common way for raccoons to enter a house is through holes and cracks. If these holes will be sealed, it can be guaranteed that these raccoons will not be able to make their way inside your homes. However, before sealing the holes and cracks, it is to be ensured that no raccoon is stuck inside them. And if any raccoon is suspected to be present inside the holes, remove it before moving ahead with the sealing.

Remove Food Sources:

Acknowledge this fact as a rule of thumb that the biggest attraction for any animal to enter a house is a food source. Raccoons are mostly attracted to meat. Therefore, ensure that the garbage bin is sealed properly. If these animals smell any meat present in the garbage, they will search the bin thoroughly and get to it no matter what.

Use Repellents:

Few things act as repellents in terms of raccoon removal Toronto. Ammonia solution is a popular choice in this regard. It does not harm the raccoons but once they smell it, they are irritated and avoid coming near the area. This is a safe yet efficient means of keeping raccoons away from your house.

Eradicate Raccoon Nests:

Raccoons are animals that are very conscious about their comfort. Therefore, they like to settle down and make nests. These nests are a source of comfort for these raccoons. Removing these raccoons is also an efficient way of getting rid of these animals. However, when removing these nests, make sure that there is no baby raccoon present in the nest otherwise the mother raccoon can become very protective and can even attack.

Set Traps To Capture Raccoons:

Trapping of raccoons is also a great technique when speaking of raccoon removal Toronto. These traps can be set up by using any food item that these raccoons love to feast on such as meat, berries and even maple syrup. Once the bate is set, you need to camouflage the trap so that the animal can be lured into the trap. When the raccoon is trapped inside the trap, simply release it away from your home. There are many different types of traps available in the market and you can explore a couple of options to find the one that best suits your needs.



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