Trending ladies chappal to buy from an online shopping app

Hair? Check! Dress? Check! Sunglasses? Check! Footwear? Yes, ladies chappal is another important component of your overall look. Picking the right kind of footwear pair from an online shopping app is one of the essential things to do. If chosen correctly, it can instantly take your appearance to another level. 

So, if you want to know how many types of ladies chappal exist in the market and which ones are the best for you, here you go!

Trending ladies chappal

If you have been longing to get “that” pair of footwear which you recently spotted at a fashion event or your favourite Bollywood celebs sporting the same, then you will indeed find something similar, if not the same on the online shopping websites. Here, we detail you the top trending shoes for women that deserve to become a proud part of your shoe closet. 

Square Toe boots

Square toe boots are for smart women. Both the ankle-length or knee-high style square toe boots look stylish. If you want to upscale your style quotient, then this is the best option for you. It looks fantastic with both the long and a short skirt. If you are going to wear in winters, then you can pair it with slim jeans along with a long overcoat or a blazer. Though they are available in many colours in online shopping app, the most classic one is the black and camel brown colour. 


There are Gladiators sandals and Gladiators boots. These are the sandals or boots with several straps that run across the front of the foot. They are not only one of the most comfortable and flexible options to wear but look incredibly luxe too. 

Silver high heel sandal

You have all the right to look drop-dead gorgeous! For ensuring that your hotness temperature meter soars high, it is a must to purchase a silver high-heel sandal. 

Peep toes

Peep toe has an open toe part of the shoe; hence it is called as the peep toe. This kind of shoe makes you look highly stylish and is easy to breathe too. Peep-toes come in three to four inches of heels. It is a perfect shoe option if you are going for a date, dinner, or even a professional party. This pair goes well with most of the dresses such as skirts and high waist pants.

Slip-on Flats

Flats are must-have footwear in your shoe rack. These are the casual wear that never goes out of trend. They are very comfortable and look good too. Flat Ladies chappal is available in different colours and patterns. They go well along with any outfits such as jeans, Capri, maxi dresses, and many other types of wear. Best for hot summer, slip-on are a sigh of relief. Slippers, flip-flops, always trend in the summer. They are not only chic but look perfect for the summer season. 

Ballet flats or ballerinas also form an essential part of flats category. They may have a very thin heel or no heel at all. 

White sneakers

Another evergreen footwear that is always in fashion is the white sneaker. Since winters are approaching, this is an essential wardrobe item that is a perfect pair with a rugged jean. Sneakers also go well with capris and crop tops. 

Kitten heels

Ladies chappals with a short and slender heel that ranges from 1.5 inches to 2 inches high are called kitten heels. They are very much in fashion. This elite footwear has a slight curve in the heel. It is the favourite of many celebrity women, that is one of the most sought-after options. 

Ankle strap heels

These are the most elegant and stylish options you can ever buy online shopping app. It is also known as T-strap sandal. In this style of women’s footwear, it has a pointed toe with a strap that circles the ankle. Some women also include the same in the category of formal shoes too. 

These are some of the finest options for you! Even if you are wearing minimal fashion clothing or keeping it simple by just sporting a white tee and blue jeans, and accessorising the look with an elegant stiletto, then you have done your best elevate your look. 

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