Treat your dandruff problems with-care

Dandruffs can be problematic if they show on your hair and shoulders. Keeping white flakes away from your scalp is what one needs to do. Also, one needs to take proper care so that they do not come back again.

When dandruff attacks happen, one can use ketomac shampoo on a daily basis to fight back the dandruff problems. One can mix this medicated shampoo with their regular shampoo and use it every alternate day to keep dandruff at bay. Or else, they can take help of some fantastic home remedies which can also help in fighting back the flake and itchy scalp problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This can treat both dandruff and hair fall problems. It is one of the best home remedies for dandruff. One needs to mix equal amount of water and apple cedar vinegar to apply on the wet hair and scalp. Message it well before rinsing off.

Baking soda

This can lead to a flake free and itch free scalp. Wet you hair well and then rub a spoonful of baking soda on your scalp. Do not shampoo but just use plain water to rinse and wash it off. Baking soda actually reduces the overactive fungi which cause dandruff. Your hair will seem to be a bit dry for the first few days but then the scalp will start producing natural oil which will make your hair soft and free of flakes.

Fenugreek paste

Fenugreek is a very rich in protein and amino acids and they do encourage in healthy hair. They ward off the wicked flakes easily and make the hair strong, smooth and soft. One needs 2 table spoons of fenugreek seeds and a bowl of water. One needs to soak the seeds in 2 cups of water for overnight. Then next morning, these soaked seeds are to be grinded well into a fine paste and then it should be applied on your scalp. Leave it for at least 45 minutes and then wash it with mild shampoo and water.

Lemon drops

Squeeze out the fresh juice out of a lemon and apply it over the scalp with your finger tips. Then slowly massage the scalp so that the lemon juice covers every part of the scalp. You can also dilute the juice by adding a few drops of water into it. Keep it for a few minutes and then wash it well with a mild shampoo. This can help a lot.

One needs to pick the right shampoo and conditioner for dandruff. For that, they need to know their hair type as well. Not only that, one has to follow a healthy diet if they want to have a healthy hair.

Eating more proteins and iron rich food are good for their digestion system which is directly connected to their hair growth. One has to eat more fruits, soya beans, milk, cheese, fish and leafy green vegetables in your regular diet if they want their hair fall to reduce and to get a shiny hair.

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