Traveling to Strawberry Greenhouses, Turkey

  • Have you ever been to a country called Turkey? If you haven’t been there, then when are you going from here? Well, as much as everybody wants, we have our reasons why.  Don’t worry because when you do visit that place, get ready to witness how they were able to preserve their ancient culture while getting along with the modern world. This nation has all it takes for you to discover its potential.

    One of the best modern twists that Turkey offers is their Strawberry Greenhouses. Who would have thought that greenhouses like the ones in Nazilli, province of Aydin will be so vibrantly colorful? Thanks to the photographer for capturing its magnificent view. It features the colorful rows of greenhouses and in the frame. It also features the fruit picker carrying a basket of strawberries. The colored greenhouses photo was chosen and even won the international photo awards.

     Strawberries and the Culture of Turkey

    There is a great connection that lies between the strawberries and the country itself. The strawberry culture started in 1965, and through the years, the increase is evident. The increase in production had paved the way for the country to be the fourth among the largest producer of strawberry.  Places such as those in Nazilli are the key players in preserving the strawberry culture through the years. However, if the greenhouse was not made of durable material, snow and frost can damage your greenhouse and your produce. That is why it is best to find high-quality greenhouses for keen gardeners.

    Greenhouse-Grown Strawberries

    The ever-challenging climate change can indeed make or break your harvest. That is why it is essential to try new planting strategies to help protect your plants for future harvest. When it comes to planting strawberries, one of the modern ways to grow it is inside greenhouses. This structure is best for the plant’s cultivation process and protects it from either strong winds or heavy rains. It is best to have built one that is of superior quality that can withstand even the harsh snow and frost. Should you get and have this structure of your own? Well, here’s why:

    • Production systems – even if it is your first time to incorporate a greenhouse with your production, no worries, it can easily get adapted to your production system. It may not be the system that you were used to, but if you make it work, it will help you minimize the investment costs.
    • Temperature control – strawberries love the day temperature, and this structure is excellent in providing it. The fruit quality is maintained by being able to control the temperature.
    • Adequate light – light also plays a vital role in the success of the harvest. It is best not to stress them much with light so growers like you should put a shade to minimize it.
    • Humidity control – growing your plants inside this structure is excellent because you get to protect them from disease and pest infestation.

    The above listed are great things that growers will have when they adopt the usage of the greenhouse. Who knows, with this structure, you could also have a colorful strawberry greenhouse like the one in Turkey.

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