Traveling to New York: Planning for an Unforgettable Trip!

“Please get “online” if you are looking to order a pie at a pizzeria.” or” You can grab a “hero” for yourself when you are out “food shopping”!


Wait, there is one more,

“Would you like “sear-up” for your pancakes?”

Oh, c’mon now! Don’t look like a thirst-bucket, and we are just prepping you up for your trip to “The City”!

The City

New York City has the power to make you feel numinous. Not only that, but the bewitching effect is so strong that you may never want to leave the place.

Traveling to New York should be adequately planned; a haphazard take off can result in your vacation crash landing.

Just name it and have it, the city has so much in the bucket for you; from amusement parks, theatres, malls, museums, and parks; there is no end to the fun you can have. The city is known to sate your culinary, entertainment and adventure desires and hence a must-visit!

The Prep

We know, in your subconscious, you are still trying to decipher the meaning of the sentences above. Well, to cut the mystery short, “online” means “inline” or “queue,” “hero” is “long sub,” “long sandwich,” and “sear-up” is “syrup. These are some of the most commonly used words/slangs in New York.

To make your trip worthwhile and fun, follow the tips and tricks below and have a whale of a time!

Familiarize with the “New-Yorkish” English

Though there is not much of a difference, the difference in dialect can be confusing. Also, we have all watched enough New York-based movies to make out the words being said. Just touching up your vocab to be area-specific always helps.

But don’t worry, you will always find help and people willing to guide you! So you can say “fuggedaboudit”  to all your worries and trudge on the trip.

Decide upon the mode of transport

New York is super busy. You can travel through subways, or even walk to a lot of places. But if you are staying in the city for a long, then you need to rent a car. Subways offer discounts on tickets, and you can nearly reach all possible vacationing spots.

But if you are here for long, we recommend that you need to rent a car and make traveling around the city easy and comfortable.  Being a metropolis, New York does have a lot of parking issues. A lot of companies are providing the solution. If you are in downtown Buffalo and worried about the city of Buffalo parking lots, then don’t fret out. Things have got simpler for you. Many apps help you pay on the go. So, wave goodbye to digging for coins approach.

Choosing the right season

Season in which you are traveling counts a lot. You need to pack accordingly and plan the activities in sync.

New York has a lot to offer. So it depends on what kind of activities you are looking for. Once you are set what you want out of your trip, nothing is stopping you from planning!

Here is what you can expect in every season:


What’s better than visiting the city when the city itself is on holiday! There are a lot of people visiting NY during this season. You will need body warmers and jackets, but the fun you can have is limitless. There are so many discounts going. Then there are Broadway shows you can catch.


If you are a bit tight on a budget and still want to experience the city at its fullest, then you can choose summers. There is a lot going on that has the added benefit of being free of cost. You can enjoy activity-based events and concerts all for free!


You can inhale the city’s true offerings during fall, the general rush of the public is gone. The holiday-ers have left. It’s you and the city. You can move with things at your own pace and meet the city on your terms.


Weather-wise this is probably the most perfect season. You can enjoy adequate sunshine and full bloom.

There are limited activities if you are looking for free options. The sales and discounts have also dwindled.  But if you are a die-hard sports lover, you can enjoy the game nights of your favorite teams.

Prepare your itinerary beforehand

There are a lot of travel sites that offer detailed information about the places you should be visiting. They also inform you about the costs that you might incur. This helps you plan and budget the whole trip efficiently and effectively.

The wanderlust and the thrill to experience things in the stride has its ecstatic feeling to offer. But if you are here to enjoy the city to its fullest, then its best you at least have a rough plan of action at hand.

Weigh, select and keep the right luggage

You surely are not looking forward to lugging that frumpy suitcase around, are you?

We thought so too! We suggest that you should pack light and according to the season.

Keeping everyday clothes and one or two coats for the chilly season is good enough. You can opt for layering if the weather gets chilly. This way, you will not have a piece of bulky luggage.

In case the weather is warm, you can shed the layers, and you are good to go.

The whole idea to ensure that you are only keeping the things that you need. You always can avail of the laundry service at the place you are staying in. This will help you carry less and feel like a free bird.

The necessary articles

If traveling to New York, you need to have your umbrella. Whether it is too sunny, rainy, or breezy or cold. An umbrella is super handy.

Besides, the umbrella, it is advised that you should be carrying your medicines (please check for the ones allowed. Also check for disclosure terms if required). Especially the anti-allergy and pain killers if traveling as an international visitor.

Last but not least, we suggest that you can carry some of your favorite dry snacks from back home. So, if you are feeling homesick, you know just what to do to relive the moments from home.

Final word

It’s time to let your eleutheromania to guide you on a journey that is fulfilling and helps you connect to serendipity that we experience when traveling to new places.

The City awaits to welcome you with open arms. So sling that bag over your shoulder, grab your boarding pass and let New York treat you to unmatched delightful joy. A euphoric experience that’s going to be a part of you forever!

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