Train Your Pet To Get Back To Normalcy after Lockdown

Sometimes the most unexpected situations can give us the most cherishable moments of life. Undoubtedly, the abrupt quarantine period was a bit harsh to deal with as no one was actually prepared for it but then we coped up well.

On one hand, staying at home seemed to be a conundrum for humans, it turned out to be a joyful phase for the pets. The COVID Pandemic endangered a lot of destruction to mankind’s perfectly functioning lives. On the other hand, it became the most wonderful and joyous time for pets.

Yes, you got that right! Pet-parents generally tend to spend more time with their pets during weekends or summer holidays. But, this is the first time where pets and pet-parents got to spend almost 2-3 months together.

I wonder how many pets might be thinking about their parent’s 24/7 presence at home because that’s what they always wanted. Your pet has received so much attention and has spent so much time with you that it has now almost become a habit for them to have you around for the entire day.

You cannot even go to the stores to buy pet care supplies but thankfully, this online pet supply hasn’t stop which makes your task easier.

So, now it was time to completely focus on spending time with your pets with some fun activities, either working out, making meals, playing or snuggling, or just spending a lazy day doing nothing together. And, now when you have spent so much of time with your pup, they might think about how they ever survived without you around 24/7.

But, now things are getting back to normalcy and those who worked from home have to now resume stepping back to their workplace. This can be a piece of good news for you but surely not for your pet as they’ve now become habituated with you being around. And, your cat or dog with countless memories would find it extremely difficult to switch back their previous routine.

It’s like spending very less time spending our entire day with our pets we’ve somehow conditioned them to be that way. And, the problem here is how to help our pets adapt their previous routine and get back to normalcy?

The best way is to begin now.

This is similar to breaking the pattern of someone’s daily life. So, start before in the weeks you head back to the work. Therefore, here are some ways to train your pet to get back to a normal routine after months of coronavirus.

Distract Your Pet

There a lot of interactive toys in the market for pets that doesn’t require you to be in the room. So, you can introduce your pup with such toys and let them spend more time with that stuff.

Confuse Them 

There are certain stimuli your pet reacts to. Well, it’s easy because all you need to do is jiggle the keys, grab the bag that you generally carry at work, keep the keys in your pocket and walk around, then jiggle the keys and put them down and don’t go anywhere. The micro-actions you do will help to desensitize your dog.

Keep A Schedule 

Pets thrive for a routine. If you keep changing their schedule, it would be hard for them to cope up with changing schedules. If you’re feeding your pet more than you used to do earlier than stop that and stick their previous routine. If you take the for a walk 4 times a day and you are only going to do it once a day then start working on once a day right now. This will not trigger your pup’s schedule even after you resume going out.

Well, there’s nothing much to worry about as they’re your pets and you know their pattern and behaviour more than anyone else. So, it may take some time but they’ll surely adjust.

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