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The famous carbonara pasta is also the most cooked recipe on the globe, although often distorted. How many Italians are indignant each year at the presence of the cream in many recipes? If Italian pasta has conquered the world (and our stomachs), bruschetta, North Italian cheese or even pancetta have also been successful. The best recipes of Italian specialties are on the rise around the world, and this is intimately linked to the waves of successive immigration of Italians during the last centuries.

Through this article, Ciro & Sal’s offers you a real tasty gastronomic journey into the heart of North Italian cuisine, to show you how its history and its emblematic ingredients have had a lasting influence on cuisine around the world.

North Italian Cuisine in America

The United States, but also Canada, are certainly the most emblematic examples of the influence of Italy beyond its borders, evidenced by the famous Little Italy district in New York! Notice to all those who are about to visit the Big Apple: this lively and lively district is almost as essential as the Statue of Liberty!

“Little Italy” is the name given to the districts which once gathered Italian immigrants abroad, the country has experienced two strong periods of emigration. And to the delight of the locals, they took with them their gnocchi, focaccia, Parma ham, and other culinary traditions, and thus gave birth to these famous districts.

How to learn to cook Italian?

The Americans have known how to appropriate typical North Italian dishes!

If today, the district of Manhattan is not inhabited any more by Italians “pure strain”, but by Americans of Italian origin, one finds there many North Italian restaurants quite touristy, as well as factories of fresh pasta, like in Italy! Italian grocery stores also offer North Italian pesto (a sauce made from basil and pine nuts), mascarpone, gorgonzola and other essential foods that allow locals to make homemade North Italian dishes.

Each year, the feast of San Gennaro is organized in the Italian quarter. This street festival, which lasts eleven days, is a true ode to North Italian cuisine and the traditions of the country. You can enjoy all the traditional North Italian food at Ciro & Sal’s and give a treat to your taste buds. American culture requires, you can even participate in a pasta eater contest!

Other Italy districts which highlight gastronomy is also to be discovered in the United States and Canada:

  • The Hill in Saint-Louis, where there are Italian grocery stores and many restaurants,
  • Little Italy in Cleveland, which offers North Italy art galleries in addition to the traditional territories,
  • Federal Hill in Providence, famous for its many pizzerias, but also its Italian ice cream vendors.
  • Little Italy (it can’t be invented!), In Montreal, with its many cafes and trattorias.
  • Little Italy in Toronto, a small district imbued with the European atmosphere brought by Italian migrants.
  • The cuisine and restaurants in North America are therefore largely influenced by Italic gastronomy. They were able to appropriate pizzas and lasagna, among other things, quite significantly.

Why Italian gastronomy is universal?

The use of simple, natural ingredients with an inimitable taste explains this craze relatively well.

We find in the recipes antipasti (starters), primi piatti and secondi piatti olive oil, cheese, cold meats which are both exquisite and easy to cook. Basil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, capers, and even mushrooms are also among the basic ingredients of the best North Italy recipes, from traditional pasta to timeless Neapolitan pizza. Mediterranean cuisine par excellence, boot cooking is particularly renowned for its positive health benefits.

Ciro & Sal’s has also been able to use protected designations of origin, symbolizing Made In Italy, to enhance the ancestral know-how of its producers. Between the first price mozzarella bought at the local supermarket and the real buffalo mozzarella (or DI Bufala), the taste difference is striking, isn’t it?

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