Ayurvedic Torex Syurp

Tickly throat and its associated dry cough irritate a lot. Dry cough generally happens due to viral illness like flu and cold but some allergies and throat irritants are also responsible for this. In children, cough is described as acute if it persists for more than two weeks and chronic if lasts for more than 8 weeks. The first thing that comes in our mind for the remedy of cough is cough syrup. But you shall not give the medicated cough syrup, that is meant for adults, to your little ones.

Giving a cough syrup that contains naturals ingredients like honey and natural herbs to your kids is a bit safer option. It is always good to consult a physician before starting medicine by yourself. The physician can prescribe you an appropriate dose and medicine as per the severity of the symptoms.

Torex cough syrup

Torex cough syrup is one of the very widely used medications for the remedy of cold and cough. For small kids, generally, Torex Junior Syrup is prescribed by the physicians for temporary relief from breathing issues like sinusitis and bronchitis, stuffy nose, common cold, flu or sinus. This medication reduces swelling in the nose and ears which decreases the breathing discomfort. The dosage of Torex cough syrup dosage depends on your age and can be obtained from the doctor. Care shall be taken as to not increase the dosage or the frequency of intake of the medication without the approval of your doctor, as any improper usage of the medicine may cause some harm.

Torex cough syrup shall be stored in a cool and dry place. Precautions shall be taken to prevent exposure to direct sunlight. Further, the bottle shall be tightly recapped after use. During the next usage, the bottle shall be shaken well before consuming.

After the proper and prescribed usage of the Torex cough syrup, you can get the relief. This is indicated by complete relief from the frequent bouts of cough and relief in upper respiratory tract symptoms like nasal congestion and any other ailment felt earlier which can be associated with an allergy or a common cold.

Torex Junior Syrup side effects

Precautions shall be taken by the parents while the child is suffering from cold, cough and the infections associated with it. The parents shall avoid overdressing the child and strictly restrict any type of smoking around the child, as it may worsen the infection and cough.

In extreme case after the consumption of medicine, the patient may experience stomach trouble or a headache. It can also cause a mood swing or an irregular heartbeat. To avoid any troubles, you should inform the doctor of any specific infection beforehand.


Cough or cold and similar infections can be very troubling. You can consult your doctor in case the problem doesn’t get solved easily. Cough syrup torex is an effective medicine for these infections. You can take the help of this medicine but you should be careful enough to avoid any misuse.

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