Some women seem to ooze class; their hair always looks perfect, their nails are never chipped, and their outfit always well put together. Getting to that final stage only takes a short number of steps and following them means you will become the woman that others aspire to be.

Match Your Nails to Your Outfit

Doing your nails is a lot of fun. There are so many options to choose from and sitting down while your nail practitioner works away can be one of the better relaxations at the end of a stressful day. If you have an outing where you want to look particularly brilliant, make sure your outfit matches your nails. You may not think it would make much difference, but this little choice will show off your ability to work your appearance harmoniously.

Match Your Handbag with Your Shoes

Another great way to show off your ability to match well is to purchase shoes and a handbag that matches. Have a look at for stunning heels sold with their equally stunning matching equivalents. It is sure to give your outfit an instant, satisfying click.

Regularly Fix Roots

If you dye your hair, you know how quickly roots can ruin the look your hairdresser spent hours achieving. Making sure you regularly go for root fixes ensures that you won’t have to worry. Simply schedule an appointment every six weeks and it will easily slip into your routine, and your hair color will always look vibrantly beautiful!

Dress for Your Figure

Choosing an outfit involves more than just viewing it on a mannequin. There are many types of bodies and knowing which one you have will help you choose the best outfits for you. For example, if you are a triangle, a strapless gown will look simply stunning on you! The best dressers are the ones who know exactly how to dress to match their body type. If you’re not sure, there are plenty of sites online which will help you figure out which one you are.

Find Your Colour

Everybody has a color. Whether that be indigo blue, creamy peaches, or a vibrant red, there is a color that makes you look fab, and you should absolutely take advantage of that. The ones that know their color make sure to wear it as often as they can, and it instantly makes them appear stylish and well put together. Try putting a few different colors to your face and taking some pictures. It may take some time, but you’ll find the one that makes you pop!

Use Hairspray

Fly-aways can be extremely annoying, especially when you’re going for a sleek, chic look. Hairspray is the magic in a can that you need to take your hair from messy to fabulous. Just spritz a little over your problem areas, pat down, and instantly see how your hair now stays in one place. (Extra tip – keep a small bottle in your purse for later in the day!)

Follow these tips, and before you know it you will be the woman who looks effortlessly amazing.

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