Top Tips for Designing Quality Canvas Prints

Are you enticed by the concept of using high-quality photographs as a designer wall art? While the concept might appear new, panoramic canvas prints are gaining huge impetus in the modern era. Homeowners all around the world are looking forward to adding a great deal of visual appeal to the interiors with the help of designer canvas prints.

If you are new to this, you should not confuse canvas prints with canvas painting. Canvas prints are known to make use of advanced inkjet printers for digitally printing photographs or texts on canvas. With the advent and modernization of a wide number of useful computer-based programs out there, canvas prints have become highly advanced. This is the reason why most homeowners are going for the option of choosing canvas prints over traditional prints for enhancing the overall décor of their homes or even office spaces.

Whether you go for decorating the wall using this innovative print or gifting someone, it is important to make sure that you choose high-quality materials while designing the canvas art. With a myriad of options available out there, selecting the right design as well as the texture of the canvas is of the utmost importance. If you wish to obtain optimum results out of the best online canvas printing solutions, here are some tips from the experts:

  • Prioritize Quality: Irrespective of the fact how a particular picture might be to your heart, if it happens to be a low-pixel picture, you cannot obtain the desired results. This is because the picture tends to get stretched out on a large-sizes canvas. Therefore, a low-quality image will only appear blur and pixelated –hampering the overall appearance of the canvas. As such, the most important step before going for canvas printing is to ensure that you are selecting high-quality pictures.

For canvas printing, the pixel count for an image is recommended to be around 150-33 ppi. At the same time, the subject should be spacious enough to accommodate the canvas frame conveniently without breaking. When you ensure an image of higher pixel count, it appears beautiful when enlarged on the canvas.

  • Avail Professional Services: When you wish to be assured of the best results for your canvas wall art, it is recommended to make use of the best online canvas printing solutions from the experts. Unless you are aware of the common terminologies like magnification, lighting, resolutions, and pixels, you should not enter into the DIY canvas project. While allowing the professionals to do the job for you, it is advised that you should hire reputed service providers. The organization or entity that you hire should be professional enough to do the job with the desired results.
  • Select the Right Picture: As already discussed, when you choose a good-quality image, it turns out impressive when you use the same for canvas printing. When you hire professional help for canvas wall art, the service provider might provide suggestions with respect to the quality, size, and settings of the image. Most of the advanced canvas printing service providers are known to make use of the latest techniques for restoring pictures while enhancing them in the best possible ways.

The selection of the right pictures plays a vital role in determining the overall aesthetics of the canvas wall art for your home or office. Pictures that might be too vibrant or the ones that are too under or over-exposed will not produce the desired results in canvas printing.

  • Decide the Location Beforehand: It is always regarded as a good decision to pre-plan and decide the location in your home or office where you would like to place the canvas art. This helps in bringing the focus into your art. While selecting the right location in the room is a vital consideration, it is equally crucial to note whether or not the space is large enough to accommodate the canvas art. Before hanging the canvas, it is recommended to always decide the right size of the wall.

A small canvas on a large wall might appear misfit. At the same time, a large canvas on a small wall might appear unsightly at the same time. If there is ample space on the given wall, like above the sofa sets or TV units, you might as well consider placing multiple thin-sizes canvases that can be closely arranged to one another to form a large beautiful canvas. When you decide on the location of placing the canvas beforehand, it can help you to rationally observe what is exactly needed for the particular wall or room.

In addition to these tips, you might as well consider choosing the right canvas style & layout at the same time. The right selection of the canvas for your home or office can play a vital role in determining the overall décor of the given space.

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