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Top Recommendable Exercises to Release Shoulder Pain

We might not realize, but we use our shoulders regularly to lift heavy weights, reach, pull, push, carry or press things. Almost everyone experiences different types of shoulder pain or stiffness during our lifetime. 

Unfortunately, in some cases, it can become a chronic pain, if the patient ignores it and doesn’t consult with the doctor on time. Everyday activities such as picking up a child or pet, pushing or pulling heavy objects, carrying loads, groceries, etc. become difficult to manage which might lead to shoulder soreness. 

If you are experiencing severe pain for more than 3 days, it is recommended to see physicians and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Physicians give the right medical consultation and a list of shoulder pain rehab and exercises. 

Using physical therapy for shoulder pain relief

Physical therapy is the one of the easiest and effective pain management solutions to release shoulder pain. Often the first step towards getting rid of shoulder pain is to execute light exercises. Shoulders are not just normal joints, but a ball and socket joint, together with muscles, ligaments and tendons. All these parts of the shoulder work together to achieve rotations and stability.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Warm-Up Exercises:

Arm-Across Chest Stretch

You can do this warm up to release muscle tension and joints so using the arm-across chest stretch is the great way to release tension effectively. While performing the exercise, it is necessary to make sure that your shoulder pain would be released effectively. 

  1. Let your right arm be near your waist. 
  2.  Use your left hand to grab your right elbow and try to pull the right arm across your chest towards your left arm. 
  3. Ideally, you can also use and pull your arms across your chest to control physical discomfort. 
  4. Hold the position for upto 40-60 sec and feel the stretch.
  5. Repeat the same exercise with the other arm, Do both sides three to five times.

Neck Stretches

The neck often plays a role in shoulder pain so simple neck stretches are ideal. Follow this routine as a light warm up exercise to keep your neck healthy and shoulder pain-free. The neck often plays a major role in shoulder pain, so simple neck stretches are ideal. 

  1. Stand with your feet positioned hip-width apart.
  2. Allow your arms to hang loose at your sides.
  3. Look straight ahead
  4. Move your head to the right and try to touch your ear to your shoulder.
  5. Hold for 10 sec.
  6. Repeat the exercise on the back shoulder
  7. Perform three reps for each side.

Shoulder Roll

Another basic exercise that helps loosen you up is the shoulder roll. Many perform this as a warmup. It is easy to implement. 

  1. Stand with your back straight and your feet apart
  2. Dangle your arms at your sides,
  3. Take a deep breath and lift your shoulders up to slowly rotate.
  4. Move your shoulders back while lifting your shoulder blade muscles together. 
  5. Exhale and lower your shoulders.
  6. Move your arms forward and you will feel a stretch along the backside of your shoulder.
  7. Try to repeat this exercise for 10 times. 


If you suffer torn rotator cuff muscles, then you are probably going to require surgery. A rotator cuff tear is painful and requires proper rehab. Other shoulder conditions might also require surgery to rectify. Physicians give the right medical consultation and a list of shoulder pain rehab and exercises. Aforementioned exercises help to treat your shoulder pain effectively. Experienced physical therapists can give you the right training facility and at-home shoulder education so that you can reach your optimum level of health. 

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