Top Reasons to Use Bubble Wrap as a Packaging Material

Bubble wrap is one of the most versatile packaging materials. It is a transparent and pliant packing material with air-filled bubbles which protect delicate and fragile items from damage. The evenly placed air bubbles provide cushioning and help protect the cargo during transit. Bubble wrap was invented accidentally in 1957 and since then, it has become the world’s most popular and favourite packaging material. Bubble wrap is used in almost every industry on the planet today. Apart from being an efficient packing material, bubble wrap also acts as a stress reliever. People from all over the world from all walks of life have for sure enjoyed the fun of popping those air filled bubbles.

Let us dive into the top reasons which makes bubble wrap a perfect packaging material all over the world:

  • Exceptionally Lightweight

Bubble wrap is undoubtedly the lightest packaging material out there in the market. The basic structure of bubble wrap is just air with a plastic layer encasing it. This makes the bubble wrap exceptionally lightweight and directly translates into potential savings in shipping and transportation costs. It does not add any extra weight to the existing cargo and hence plays a vital role in fuel consumption as well. While shipping in bulk and large quantities, this packaging material males for a very practical and pragmatic choice.

  • Excellent Protection from Impacts

One of the top reasons for the success of bubble wraps as a packaging option is the excellent protection and security it provides. Shipping and transportation of goods involves a lot of heavy handling during the process. Bubble wrap helps secure and protect these goods from the regular dings and bumps. The air filled bubbles provide a layer of protection and cushioning which absorbs the external impact.

  • Eco Friendly and Reusable

Once used, it can be reused! This is the mantra for bubble wrap. It is one of the most environment-friendly packaging materials available in the market. The best part about bubble wrap is the reusability of it, which helps in considerable savings. As long as there is air inside the tiny bubbles, it is deemed fit to be reused. There is no fixed scale of cycle to determine the usability of the bubble wrap. This makes bubble wrap one of the most sought after packaging materials.

  • Versatile Uses

The best thing about bubble wrap packaging is that it is extremely versatile. Bubble wrap can secure and insulate almost any kind of product or item. It can be customized into any form you want with a simple pair of scissors. This pliant and flexible packing material can be effectively wrapped around any oddly-shaped object to form a layer of security and protect them from damage. Bubble wraps are used as packaging products in almost every industry ranging from electronics to FMCG goods.

  • Economical and Cost Effective

One of the major benefits of using bubble wrap as a packaging material is potential cost savings. Bubble wrap is one of the most cost effective packaging materials. Along with being reusable, the use of bubble wraps in packaging will help you save in shipping and transit costs. Bubble wraps come in a wide range of variety so all of your packaging needs for different shapes of cargo will be addressed. If in case you want to pack and secure large items, you can simply use additional layers of bubble wrap to protect the cargo.

We can satisfactorily conclude that bubble wrap acts as an excellent packaging material in a large variety of industries. The very many benefits and features along with the versatility make bubble wrap one of the most famous and in-demand packaging material.

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