Top Online Contests To Win Great Prizes From

Since the millennium’s dawn, brands have discovered an effective way of promoting themselves online through contests. Presently online contests have become a certain way of enhancing social media engagement while bolstering your brand by enlarging your target customer base. Statistically, brands that hold online contests experience follower growth 70 percent faster than brands that do not. Brands worldwide are rampantly using this method, and hence online contests are on the surge.

The best online contests to gain from

Let us ignore the brand’s perspective here and focus on the participants. As a participant, our motive would be to participate in online contests that are most rewarding to us. If the contests are somehow related to our interests and hobbies, it helps our cause of acing. But is it worth winning a contest that doesn’t reward you handsomely? I guess not. Let us find out the most rewarding types of online contests we take part in and win big.

  1. Design contests

The age-old concept of design contests has taken a creative turn for the better. Earlier design contestants were awarded based on their design submissions in products, coupons, and even monetary prizes. This was a handsome reward. Now, things have changed, and winners see their designs being developed into a sellable product. Online design contests are great platforms to showcase your design skills and get great prizes along with your design getting produced on the brand’s future products.

  1. User-generated content or UGC

UGCs have proven to be a genius in turning the contest entrants into advocates for their brands. Brands literally arm the online users with guidance and incentives to share their contest. But they reward them handsomely as well. Many UGCs incentivize the contest entries and winners in great fashion.

  1. Humor Contests

The daily humdrum of life has taken away laughter from our lives, amongst other things. It feels nice to take part in online contests that encourage us to bring out the funny side in us. Moreover, they provide considerate prizes as well. What could we want more, eh? Online humor contests are a great platform for humans to interact and engage using the rawest of our human instincts, humor. Not only do we get a chance to win exciting prizes out of these contests, but we surely gain the daily dose of laughter we so badly miss out on. It’s a complete win-win for us.

  1. Service Prize contests

We all want tangible prizes from online contest participation. Service businesses can gain a lot from this concept, and so can we. Service businesses such as hairdressers, fitness chains, coaches, etc. hold online contests where they offer their respective services as prizes to their winners. Although not many businesses opt this way, online users can really benefit a lot from such contests. A free hair spa, one-week gym sessions, and motivational sessions can work out great for us as well. When you choose this type contest, you have to get more votes than your competitors. In this case, you can use voting agency like win contest.

  1. Win your Wishlist contests

Wishlist contests are great for frequent online shoppers. Most of the modern-day online shoppers love to keep lots of items on their wishlist to buy later from. Win your wishlistcontests offer them a great chance to win them all by acing the contests.


Online contests serve as a great tool for brands to remain relevant among their user base and extend it as well. We, the users, also have a great chance to win handsomely by taking part in them. We just need to look for the right ones on the Internet and ace them.

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