Living in a house comes with a number of perks and most people prefer it over being confined to a small residential apartment, but modern houses aren’t just about the interior – they’re taking you outside as well! Owning a big backyard and being able to utilize it is one of the most precious things in the world, and all you need to know is how to make the most of it. The options are numerous and range from a small pool and a tennis court to a huge garden and perfectly-maintained lawn. If you’re a fan of the latter options, here are a couple of trends you’ll need to pay close attention to this year.


Invisible decks and patios


If you really want to enjoy your backyard, you need to spend a couple of hours every single day out there, listening to the sounds of birds and letting the nature nurture you. In order to do so, you should have a proper deck or patio where you can place all your outdoor furniture and a small table that will complete the atmosphere. However, not all decks and patios are the same, and this will be the year or invisible and subtle decks that provide you with all the space you need, yet don’t ruin your enjoyment. These decks and patios are made from natural materials and you can easily make them on your own, as long as you find some inspiration online, get proper tools and purchase quality materials.


Add some color

The nature itself is quite colorful almost all year long – even though it all basically comes down to one color when it snows – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add more colors to your backyard. After you’ve created the perfect patio or deck, it’s time to furnish it and add some colorful outdoor chairs and sofas, as well as blankets and pillows. This way, you’ll create a more dynamic flow and make sure the atmosphere in your backyard is always joyous and care-free, which is especially important during those long and hot summer afternoons.


Maintain the lawn

Being on top of your lawn mowing schedule is probably the most essential part of your backyard maintenance and something you definitely mustn’t forget. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should relentlessly mow it every single day, but rather establishing a certain schedule and sticking to it instead. The problem, however, is that lots of people just don’t have enough time for this – they work all day long, they’re too tired in the evening and would rather relax at weekends instead of putting in a couple of hours of hard work in the backyard. Therefore, more and more people in Australia, for instance, are exploring various options for reliable lawn mowing in North Shore because that’s the only way to keep their lawns neat without wasting their own free time.


Plant herbs

If you decide to turn a portion of your backyard into a small garden, it’s important to know what you’re doing – how to determine the quality of the soil, what some of the ways to improve it are, what you can grow and how you need to cultivate your plants are just some of the topics you should cover first. And while flowers and vegetables have always popular all over the world, this year something else is under the spotlight – herbs! These are easy to grow and don’t require too much care, yet mean a lot to all cooking aficionados who want to add something fresh and natural into their lunches. So, take a look at your favorite herbs and find a way to plant them in your garden.


Add some light

Gardens and backyards are all about natural light and sunshine, but what if you wish to spend some time there in the evening or at night? Throwing parties, barbecuing or simply hanging out with your friends and family are just some of the ways to stay outdoors even after the sunset, but, if you wish to do so, you’ll need some light. Luckily, outdoor lighting has become more and more versatile and affordable in the past couple of years, and it will certainly be a huge hit in 2018. There are lots of ways to set up outdoor lighting, but remember to purchase LED light bulbs that not only look great, but also save you a ton of energy in the long run, which is always good. All you need to do after that is sit comfortably in your patio furniture and enjoy!


It seems that garden and backyard trends come and go every single year, but wanting to have a nice deck with comfy chairs, a well-maintained lawn and a bunch of flowers all around you never goes out of style, so these are the things you shouldn’t forget.

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