Top Fascinating Stories about Rakhi You didn’t Know

Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated by the Hindus in India where the sister gets rakhi for brother and ties it on his wrist and in return he offers her the protection for the lifetime. It is celebrated on the full moon day of Shravana in the month of August and has been celebrated from a long period of time. There are a lot of stories associated with the festival which have been passed on since generations to the people indicating the importance of this sacred thread which signifies the bond between a brother and sister.

Krishna and Draupadi

The legend of Krishna or Draupadi is popular if you keep the festival of Rakhi in context.  It is believed that on Makar Sankranti, Krishna’s little finger got cut while flying kites. Draupadi could not see Krishna bleeding, so she cut off a part of her sari and tied it on his finger. After this incident, Krishna promised to protect her when the time comes.  Krishna fulfilled this promise when she was disrobed in front of the palace members when her husband’s lost in the game they were playing with the Kauravas. If you brother lives aboard, you can Send Rakhi to US through courier.

Yamuna and Yama

Yamuna sought help from Ganga for twelve years to request Yama, her brother, to visit her. During his arrival, Yamuna prepared a feast for him and tied a Rakhi on his hands. When Yama asked her sister what she wanted as a gift, she replied that he visit her soon enough. Yama was moved by her sister’s love after which he blessed her to have eternal life. Yamuna is now the second largest tributary after Ganga and has been flowing since eternity. For Canada residents, they can send Rakhi to Canada through courier.

Bali and Goddess Laxmi

Bali sought the help of Lord Vishu to protect him from the demons which he did by becoming his doorman.  This went on for a long time due to which Goddess Laxmi started missing Lord Vishu and disguised herself as a woman seeking shelter in his palace. Bali opened the doors for her and gave her shelter after which she prospered him with wealth.

During the full moon day in the month of Shravana, Laxmi tied a thread on Bali’s wrist seeking his protection. In return, Bali asked her what she wanted as a gift. Laxmi pointed to the gatekeeper and wished him to be free. Bali granted her the wish, but Lord Vishnu promised to spend four months with him every year.

Queen Karnavati and Humayun

After the death of Rana Sangha who was queen Karnavati’s husband, she became the official ruler of Mewar and ruled under the name of her son Vikramjeet. When her kingdom attacked by  Bahadur Shah, she sought out support from other kingdoms and was successful in seeking help from Humayun by sending him a Rakhi. Despite the fact that Babur who was Humayun’s father and defeated Rana Sangha, he decided to help her, but unfortunately he could not make it on time, and the entire kingdom was reduced to ruins with the Queen giving her life in Jauhar. After this incident, he provided full support to her son and helped him rebuild the kingdom.

Roxana and King Porus

Alexander invaded Indian in 326 BC and during that time, his wife sent a sacred thread to King Porus pleading him to not harm her husband on the battlefield. During the Battle of Hydaspes, Porus was moved by the thread on his wrist and restrained himself from attacking Alexander. Porus lost the battle, but he earned Alexander’s honor and respect who later on entitled him as the governor of his kingdom and gave him the kingdoms located in the North-East.

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