Bridal Lehengas

If you are on a shopping binge for wedding lehengas, Chandni Chowk is the place for you. You will find everything you need in the shops here. Here is a list of few best shops of Chandni Chowk.

1) Asiana Couture


The Asiana Couture is a brand new shop in the streets of Chandni Chowk.
It’s a surprising how quickly and easily they are making their name amidst all the competition that exists in the fashion world, and especially Chandni Chowk, were agents lure you into buying their lehengas even before you reach a shop. They have a plethora of amazing styles, fresh trends, and stunning collections. They are a must visit for everyone. The rates here speak for itself. Visit and see for yourself. The lehengas found here are worth your hard earned income.

2. Sudhir Bhai

Sudhir Bhai

Each shop here with a strangely similar name. This is one of the oldest shops in Chandni Chowk. They provide you mesmerizing wedding attire and amazing lehengas. Their prices are really budget-friendly. The huge variety they offer is commendable. Once you enter this shop, you won’t feel like leaving without trying your hands on one of the bridal lehengas they have to offer. They have a really fresh collection at times. It seems like they are the trend setters of the Delhi crowd. Their bridal wears are totally one of a kind.

3) Om Prakash Jawahar Lal Shop

Om Prakash Jawahar Lal

This shop is located in the new katra. They have an elegant collection from top notch fashion designers. The only downside to this shop’s collection is a limited number of flare that exists in the pieces they provide. The rates are considerably low as compared to the exotic collection of lehenga they have to offer. One of a friend purchased a lehenga for 70k and trusted me; nobody could remove their eyes of her lehenga on the wedding day!

4) Sunehree


This shop is one of the best deals in town where prices are quality ho hand and hand. They have no comprises on quality and their prices vary accordingly to the bridal lehenga you opt for. From top fashion designers to Indian designers, they have it all.

From lavish Anarkali to pretty saree’s, from voluminous bridal lehengas to party wear saree’s, Sunehree has everything to offer you. If you are someone who isn’t convinced so easily for purchasing any dress, this shop is for you. Their wide range of apparels, especially bridal wear, will take you by surprise, and there’s nothing that will stop you from being convinced.

5) Ram Kishan Sarees

Ram Kishan Sarees

This shop isn’t easily visible from the main road. It is behind a shop named Kamal Bhai, which is also a bridal wear shop. They have everything from the trendy jackets to a lavish designer Anarkali. Sabyasachi is known to be the inspiration for this shop. They have an elite range of designs, and they age quite popular in Delhi. Their beautiful lehengas vary from forty thousand to two lakhs in Indian currency.

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