Top Android mobile cleaner apps for better performances

In this article find the best android cleaner apps that are help you and your mobile to run smoothly and gives better performances. These are the app also help your mobile life performances.  By using these apps you clean the unwanted data from your phone.

Memory Boost

Increases your phone’s RAM free space with Memory Boost. Turning off running tasks in the background increases the phone’s speed. Using this app will increase your phone’s performance by keeping your RAM clean. Using this cleaner will give your RAM performance better all the time.

Free up Storage

This app will automatically clean your phone by searching for all junk files and it will immediately increase the storage space of your phone by eliminating all the unwanted programs of fres and phone storage.

To free up the storage of your phone, delete your downloaded APK file including junk files such as catch files. This increases the free storage on the phone.

Game Booster

It is possible to increase the speed and performance of the game by hitting the background task. After playing the Maxim game, it eliminates the unwanted junk files that are stored in your phone, and keeps your phone in a tight state.

Android phones mean gaming at the hubby is fun. Who doesn’t want his phone is a high speed gaming phone. But sometimes, due to all this unwanted extra data, your storage begins to fill up unnecessarily. As a result, the phone becomes slow. Then the phone does not run as before.

Smart App Manager:

This allows you to easily uninstall unused apps. The background of this app allows you to use many more apps.

While working on this website on the Internet, many unnecessary files come to your phone without any permission. The ones that slow down your phone and keep your phone storage occupied unnecessarily. From these, you can easily use this cleaner app made for Android.

Privacy Control:

There are some apps on the phone that offer different permissions (eg call, SMS, location, camera and contacts). Uninstall them.

App Protector:

Protect your phone using App Locker with a secret PIN.


Boost the phone’s performance by using a widget on the home screen to accelerate it.

Schedule Maintenance:

Adjust your device’s performance by scheduling your device’s checking maintenance automatically.


Decorate your device with new themes.

The Cleaner – Cleaner App Related

This app is an app that will delete all the unwanted files of your phone by installing. It has GUI directly used so you can easily install it on your phone.

Delete non-useful calls or sms

Using it, your phone calls or sms from your phone will be automatically deleted from your storage.

It will also act as security for your phone.

This app occupies very little of your storage space. In return you give many relaxed phone services.

But if you use a free phone cleaner app, your phone will remain the same as it used to be, even if it is old. Then the phone will become more dear to the customer without any hassle.

Why is this app the best?

This app has the ability to clean up to 5 MB of the phone simultaneously. Of course it will never delete anything without your permission. He will take action by giving you a notification. This app is capable of clearing 3-4 MB of external memory at a time.

There are some games that you have to play from Onnet. For example, there is a Clash of Clans or more. When these games are run on the net, any unwanted or objectionable ads from the net or store them at the application level automatically.

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