As you get older, you become more likely to lose one or even a couple of your teeth. Luckily, this age-related problem can be prevented from happening. Each of your teeth plays an important role, and in addition to preserving your teeth for an eye-catching smile, it’s also essential to prevent tooth loss from occurring to keep your oral health in proper condition. 

Below are seven simple tips to prevent tooth loss and keep your pearly whites intact and healthy. 

1. Eat a healthy diet 
Besides limiting your intake of sweets, it’s also important to consume foods that help prevent tooth decay. Eating crunchy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and carrots helps vary your nutrition and washes out food residue that leads to decay. Besides, if you enjoy acidic drinks like sodas and juices, it’s better to cut down on them, too. These beverages not only damage your enamel but also have negative effects on your overall health. For the times you do indulge your food cravings, try following it up with a glass of water to help restore your mouth’s pH balance. 

2. Visit your routine dentist appointments 
If you want to keep your teeth healthy and avoid future tooth loss, it’s necessary to visit a dental specialist regularly. Remember that an average person needs to visit a dentist at least twice a year. During your routine checkups, a dental specialist will examine your teeth to ensure they don’t show any signs of gum disease and decay. This will help them start timely treatment and prevent irreversible damage to your teeth. Regular dental cleanings are important to remove food residue that got stuck in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and eliminate hardened tartar. 

3. Use proper brushing technique
Have you known that there’s a wrong and right brushing technique? Brushing your teeth incorrectly may result in enamel erosion and damaged gum tissue. Ask your dental specialist for advice on brushing your teeth properly and always use the correct technique to avoid deteriorating your teeth.  

4. Floss daily
Flossing must go together with brushing your teeth. Hence, if you don’t floss your teeth, start developing this habit ASAP. Make sure to floss your teeth two times daily or at least before going to sleep to remove the food particles that might be stuck between your teeth.

5. Treat your dry mouth
Dry mouth typically occurs due to specific health conditions and bad habits like GERD, metabolic disorders, and smoking. Chronic dry mouth may result in adverse effects on your dental health. Hence, make sure to visit your dentist and determine the proper culprit. Your dentist will prescribe appropriate treatment to resolve the problem. 

6. Protect your teeth with a mouthguard 
If you participate in contact sports that put your teeth at risk, it’s best to wear a mouthguard. It will help protect your teeth during sports accidents that may potentially result in tooth loss. Consult a dental specialist regarding creating a custom mouthguard that will meet your needs. 

7. Replace missing teeth
If you already are missing one or more teeth, consult your dentist about treatment options to replace them. Two of the most popular solutions to missing teeth are dental implants and dentures. However, they require a complete dental evaluation to determine if you’re a good candidate. Replacing your missing teeth is necessary to restore your teeth’s function and provide sufficient support to your jawbone. 

The bottom line 
By following the seven aforementioned tips, you can avoid losing your teeth, even as you age. Remember that tooth loss is a severe problem that may cause your jawbone to lose its volume and density. If untreated, jawbone deterioration will cause your face to fall inwards, which will make you look older and may create problems with self-esteem. 

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