Top 7 Gifts That You Should Register For Your Wedding

A Wedding is one of the biggest event of a person’s life. As the big day approaches the couple gets nervous, gets completely lost on what to do first. A Wedding registry is a great way in which you can inform your friends and family about your wedding as well as register your gifts for them to know what are the things that you need after marriage.

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A small tip!

When you list the gifts for the registry, make sure you and your partner decide it together. Marriage is all about understanding each other, each other’s needs and taking the decisions of life together.

Well, here we have come up with a few cool gift ideas that you can add in your wedding registry. Read on!


In a busy schedule, electronic products will definitely come to your rescue. You can register for a Thermomix for easy cooking. Music systems, speakers can also be included as you can spend romantic dinner nights on weekends with your partner by playing soft music. Liked the idea? Well, we have more ideas for you.


Marriage means a new starting. Why not use new products in your kitchen? You can register for cutlery set, dinner sets, tea sets and all that you and your partner thinks is necessary to make your post marriage kitchen easy to handle.


What about furniture? You will require a master bed, sofa sets, outdoor furniture and maybe bar stools too. You can easily register your furniture requirements in your registry and your guests can split the expense and gift you your requirements.

4.Sponsor for shopping

If you are planning to go to some exotic place for your honeymoon, then shopping must be on your list. Why not register sponsorship for shopping so that you can buy your favourite goodies with the money of you and your partner’s choice? For example, you can register by saying shopping for Ala Moana Mall, Hawaii.

5.A stay at a resort or good hotel can be listed

Your honeymoon is an experience of a lifetime and you will want to spoil yourselves in  any way. So, you can list a nice and comfortable stay destination so that your guests can split up the expense and gift you with a nice stay in a beach resort or any hotel of your choice.

6.Beddings and linens

Since post marriage everything will be new, you can register for bed linens, curtains, sofa covers etc. These items  are a necessity and at the same time not heavy on the pocket. So, your guests will find it easy to buy you these gifts.

7.A lavish romantic dinner by the beach

A romantic dinner by the beach as a married couple will be just the perfect thing for your honeymoon.You can ask your guests to patron a lavish dinner by adding it to your registry. The funds can be transferred to you as a virtual wishing well. Believe me this is one of the coolest gift you can ask for that you will cherish forever.

Decide more!
Well, we are aware that your wedding day is near and you and your partner are completely lost about what gifts to register. But, you can take our ideas and add your own. We wish you all the best for your wedding and a great future ahead!


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