Top 7 Dine in Restaurants in Silicon Oasis, Dubai

There’s no way of knowing when you might get irresistible cravings for any particular cuisine or even some light yet crispy snacks. It’s impossible to focus on work in the office when you are gaping at your lucid imaginations of dining in some excellent restaurant and gorging on food. All you can think about is mouth-watering food in front of your eyes, waiting to be feasted.


But finding a place to dine in that meets all your specific requirements can be challenging. But there’s no need to worry because we are bringing you the top seven dine-in restaurants in Silicon Oasis, Dubai, where you can reserve a table and enjoy your favourite meal!


Little Bangkok

Featured in Dubai Summer Surprises, Little Bangkok is the perfect spot, especially for Asian and Thai cuisines. From Salads to Soups, from Curry to Rice and Noodles, it is an eatery which will leave you amazed with its menus.

Open from 11.30 am till 11.30 pm (Monday to Sunday), Little Bangkok is one of the best casual dining restaurants you can find in Silicon Oasis, Dubai.



As the name suggests, Oregano is the next jaw-dropping dine-in place, specifically for Italian cuisine. With a humble staff and kid-friendly environment, you can come with your family to have a merry time. Ravioli, Gnocchi, Risotto, Pasta, Pizza, etc. are some delicacies people travel, especially here.


Tomato and Basilico

Another option for Italian cuisine, Tomato, and Basilico is one of the most excellent restaurants in Silicon Oasis, which offers a dine-in facility and home delivery. There is a vibe here that doesn’t make you want to go back to your place with splendid decor and flavorsome meals.


Massaad Barbecue Farm To Table

With gorgeous interiors and appetizing Lebanese and BBQ cuisine, Massaad Barbeque Farm to Table offers many amenities like valet parking, indoor and outdoor seating, Wi-Fi facility, home delivery, and a private dining area.


The Oriental Cafe

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on Thai and Chinese meals, then this is the eating house you must visit as soon as possible. It’s a super cosy place with wheelchair accessibility, which offers you delectable Japanese dishes as well!

Its open hours are as follows:

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 12 noon to 10.30 pm
  • Thursday to Friday: 12 noon to 11 pm
  • Saturday: 12 noon to 10 pm


Al Shorafaa

Being one of the most exquisite restaurants in Silicon Oasis, Al Shorafaa is a must-visit dine-in place with a bustling environment. Its speciality resides in serving Pakistani, Indian, and North Indian cuisine.


Haru Robatayaki and Sushi

Another spectacular eatery in Silicon Oasis that provides tasty and palatable Japanese cuisine is Haru Robatayaki and Sushi. The spot is as impressive as its menu. From the presentation of food to its taste, nothing won’t contrast the cuisine itself.



If you are struggling hard to find the best restaurants for various cuisines available in Silicon Oasis, Dubai, go through the above-given list, and you shall get what you’re looking for everywhere. From Japanese to Italian, these dine-in places are divine in their cuisine, services, and infrastructure.

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