Top 6 Most Beautiful Places in Portland ME?

A travel enthusiast and willing to visit the islands, Portland can be the one for you! It is the largest town of Maine, based on the southern coast along Casco Bay.

Once named Machigonne by one of the native peoples and the region was developed in the early 17th century by the British colonists and immediately became a major fishing and trade port.

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Presently, the tourists can roam on the cobblestone streets of the Old Port neighbourhood and explore the harbour, which has all the hustle and bustle or can enjoy the cultural attractions in the Arts District, which includes the museums, galleries, performances as well as the antique shops.

There are numerous things to perform on the water lands which makes the places worth visiting!

So here is the list of all the tourist attractions to do in Portland. Let’s get started one after the other with the various tourist attractions.

1.Casco Bay and the Calendar Islands

Portland lies on the edge of Casco Bay, which is the home of the Calendar Islands. It is officially called as Casco Bay Islands. There are several companies which provide sightseeing tours to and around the islands.

Various island activities can be performed on Chebeague Island, like bicycling on many small and rare populated locations on Cliff Island. Head To frontier airlines reservations for further details!

2.Portland’s Old Port District

Portland’s Old Port district is located at the heart of the city. It is a hustle and a bustling downtown filled with the things that has brought back its ambiance of an old seaport town. The waterfront area is where the tourists can board Portland’s many ferries, sightseeing positions and the charters to the Calendar Islands and various other destinations. The harbor is located on Commercial Street, and here is the chain of historic buildings, boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and other shop outlets to shop around.

3. Victoria Mansion

The Victoria Mansion located in Portland is also popularly called Morse-Libby House, and it was built between 1858-60 and is well designed by the architect called Henry Austin. It is constructed in an Italian Villa style and is mostly used as a summer home by the New Orleans Hotel tycoon Ruggles Sylvester Morse. It is a true expression of decadence in the pre-Civil War era located in Portland.

The building construction consists of numerous details like decoratively painted walls and ceilings, textiles richly made, wood carvings, largely stained-glass skylight. It serves the purpose of a museum since the year 1941, and its unique carpets, silver, other decorative items are preserved. It’s a place worth visiting! Check frontier airlines flight booking information here!

4.Eastern Promenade 

Initiating in the Old Port District, the Eastern Promenade Trail carries on the path of a railroad track along the waterfront at that Back Cove, which provides one of the city’s best beautiful places. A 2.1-mile trail mainly consists of twin paths along the edge of the 68-acre Fort Allen Park.

Starting from the main trail, it can connect to other parts of the park, which includes uphill to the excellent vantage points. The trail also leads to East End Beach, the city’s only major public beach with a favourite spot for the locals to sunbathe, swim, and go for a picnic.

 It also consists of a boat launch over here. If you are a bicycle rider and leashed dogs, you are most welcome. The additional restroom facilities at the beaches and the benches are present along the path.

So, move along the Old Port District and explore a new phase! That’s Portland! Surely!

5. Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine

The foremost aspect in the city to do with the younger kids and the toddlers, Portland’s children’s museum features three floors of interactive play and learning opportunities which will surely make the children active for many hours. If you are travelling with the families, it is best recommended to play together and contribute to the museum’s best Creating Communities exhibition. Check the frontier airlines ticket!

The entire floor of the museum is best dedicated to the Our Town exhibit. Here the kids can get the opportunity to shop at the farmer’s market and also diagnose and treat the teddy bears.

6. Portland Head Light 

If you love lighthouses, they can be the best destination for you. Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth is an excellent museum, and it also has exciting views of Casco Bay and the Portland Harbor.

So what are you waiting for? There are numerous spots to explore here! Try out!

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