When it comes to reasons to travel, food is at the very top of the list for some people. Sure, you will always enjoy the occasional museum-hopping tour, the main touristy sights, and the not-so-popular nooks all places hide. However, sensual pleasures in the form of local dishes and internationally-recognized restaurants are a special treat. 

So, if you’re eager to unleash your inner foodie, you should certainly look into spending some time in the following destinations so that you can get a glimpse of their exquisite culinary experiences and pamper your palate by globetrotting. Follow the food, as some would say, just follow the food!

French Riviera’s crown jewel

This list would be a complete failure if we were to skip the famous, beloved restaurant scene in Menton. This little gem of South France has earned the prime spot on any gourmet’s bucket list, and as such, it offers a wide array of restaurants to dazzle your taste-buds. For starters, you needn’t look beyond the famous Mirazur, the restaurant that earned this year’s title as the World’s Best Restaurant. 

If the three Michelin stars are anything to go by (hint: they really are), you’ll find the experience life-altering for your palate. Starting with its enchanting view of the Riviera, its vicinity to the Italian border, and all the way to the flawless menu of rich, flavorful dishes – this is a must for any true gourmet eager to learn what French cuisine with a global reputation truly means. 

In the heart of Copenhagen

The world’s second finest restaurant is hidden in the streets of Denmark’s capital city, and it’s a surprise as well as an explosion of Scandinavian flavors wrapped into a modern presentation. Noma is true to the roots of eating local and eating seasonal, which means that you get a truly immersive dining experience that gives you only Scandinavian aromas. 

They’re anything but conventional, and every meal is as imaginative as it is delicious. Who knew that adding ants or mold into a dish could possibly make it better? The chef at Noma did. Noma also defies stereotypes by offering an environment soaked in the warmth of the staff and the visitors – so even if you visit in the dead of winter, Noma will keep you warm. 

Innovative dining in Sydney


A melting pot of nations, cultures, and history, Sydney is by all means every foodie’s dream-come-true. From humble eateries that you’d almost miss if it hadn’t been for the local to point you in the right direction, all the way to upscale Chippendale restaurants that have completely redefined Australian cuisine, your palate will love Sydney. 

Check out one of its most prized culinary corners known by the name of Automata, a truly exquisite blend of industrial design, an intimate atmosphere, and courses that would make Fibonacci proud for their extraordinary symmetry and a perfect combination of flavors. Although the menu changes frequently, their devotion to creativity never falters. Expect extraordinary ingredients perfectly brought together into a multitude of unforgettable courses. 

Romance the Portuguese way

Mediterranean cuisine is truly irresistible, and chef José Avillez of Belcanto in Lisbon will meet, if not exceed all of your expectations. The majestic setting of the restaurant is more than enough to keep your senses fully immersed in this particular dining experience. 

Drenched in sunlight, expansive, and historic, the restaurant is a perfect place for you to treat yourself to true Portuguese cuisine with a modern twist. All it takes is a taste of their classic menu, and you’ll crave for seconds before the first round is over.

Zanzibar’s surreal take on dining

Sometimes the simplest experiences are the ones that stir your soul the most. The perfect example epitomizing this truth is the way your idea of fine dining will be transformed upon eating out in Zanzibar. By eating out, we mean by taking a quick stroll through the Indian Ocean to hop on a lonely rock, home to The Rock – the restaurant you’re about to fall in love with.

Imagine yourself being surrounded by crystalline, turquoise water, pearl-white sand, and a few sturdy plants that provide some shade for your outdoor dining. Seafood is their purpose, so make sure you’re prepared for the most authentic marine meals ever.

Enjoy Thai food atop a tree

The rise of ecotourism has brought about a wave of mesmerizing dining experiences that defy many preconceptions, gravity included. Located in the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand, the Bird’s Nest Restaurant delivers a heavenly experience. 

Your waiter will visit your bamboo pod via a zipline and masterfully bring you each course for you to enjoy. From the simple, yet delicious continental selection, all the way to locally-sourced fruit salads, the entire experience is elevated, literally and metaphorically, due to the view of the ancient rainforest that surrounds you. 


The world is brimming with foodie-perfect spots for you to explore. Some are more upscale, others more down-to-earth, but they all have something unique to bring to the table. Add these to your list to further expand your palate and you will not be disappointed! 


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