Top 6 Instagram Features That We Are Using Everyday


Instagram, one of the favorite networks of the community managers of the Travel-Insight team, continues to grow and bring new features to its users. You must have noticed it in recent days; Instagram has been given a makeover by modifying two tabs on its interface. From the home screen, the shortcuts to publish content and to access notifications have given way to Reels and the long-awaited new Shop, to migrate to the top right of the news feed, next to the inbox. Discover without further delay the novelties that should not be missed nowadays:

1. Shopping on IGTV

In 2018, Instagram launched IGTV, a vertical video platform designed for mobile and integrated directly into the application. In recent months, content creators had the opportunity to monetize their content through advertising. With the arrival of Shopping on IGTV, they can extend their income via two means, namely, in-app purchases directly on the videos or via the redirect on the seller’s website.

2. Instagram Direct and Messenger

The Facebook ecosystem had announced the merger of all of its messaging apps, and here it is. The Instagram Direct and Messenger applications are now connected. When you update your Instagram app, you will see the Facebook Messenger logo instead of the little paper airplane. With the two applications now connected, it will be possible to send messages and join video calls from Messenger or Instagram.

3. Reels and a new dedicated tab

For three months, the Instagram Reels have appeared to counter TikTok. This new video format, much appreciated by influencers, was originally for a maximum duration of 15 seconds. The application has decided to extend the time of the Reels by reducing them to 30 seconds to allow creators to express their creativity at greater length and offer better entertainment content to viewers. Another novelty, the creators also have a 10-second self-timer, limited to 3 seconds previously. It is also possible to delete or crop the different pieces that make up the Reels, facilitating content editing. Finally, a new tab dedicated to Reels is now available at the bottom of your application.

4. Instagram Stories

Instagram is working more and more on the UX of its application and has revised the way of presenting archived Stories. Until now, it was possible to visualize the old Stories via a chronological grid challenging to read. For a few days, you can now view your old Stories through a calendar that allows you to see when your Stories were taken (up to three years ago) and a map that indicates in which places they were captured.

5. Shopping 

Instagram has decided to speed up its Social Shopping part with the arrival of the Shop tab, accessible in one click from the home page. Its promotion facilitates the discovery of branded and designer products, and above all, will allow users to buy directly through the application. The objective of this tab is to offer personalized recommendations based on their browsing history or products already identified on the user side.

While this tab should be a joy to brands and influencers, the question arises as to how it will be welcomed by users for whom Instagram is a source of inspiration, escape, entertainment and allows them to keep in touch with their relatives. To be a great Instagram brand or influencer, you can buy Instagram followers that are genuine and interested in your offering.

6. Instagram Search and explore 

Finally, the last novelty, and not the least, is part of the logical continuation of the Guides: the “search” search tool is extended to search for keywords. Previously, the way to find content on Instagram was to search for a username, hashtag, or location. Now, when you search for a “baking recipe,” for example, you won’t only have access to accounts that contain those terms in the username, locations, or hashtags associated with those words.


While hashtags will indeed remain one of the most reliable ways to find hyper-specific content, expanding the search feature will give you more ways to find what you’re looking for.

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