Top-6 Event Registration Platforms That an Event Planner Should Consider

Technology has taken over every industry, and event management is no exception. With the growing development of the latest event management software, there’s every reason for event planners to introduce these innovative technological solutions into their work.

There are some great event tech tools available that can help professional event planners with various aspects of managing an event, ranging from finding the right event venue to coordinating with speakers and more.

In this post, we’re specifically going to look at some of the best event registration software that can simplify the entire event registration and ticketing process. This can dramatically improve your attendee experience and make your event a success.

What Is Event Registration Software?

Event registration software platforms can help event pros invite, register, and communicate with event attendees and participants. From sending invitations to receiving ticket fee payments (if any), a good event registration software will take care of everything.

The software usually hosts a public registration portal through which attendees can easily register themselves, as well as process any registration fee. The user information is saved in the attendee database which can be used to generate reports to further help organizers to determine the reach, cost, and effectiveness of the event.

Not just that, these are very useful tools for marketing and advertising an event or conference to potential attendees. Some are built as part of a comprehensive event management solution, with a broader range of services. Therefore, they provide an all-in-one system to efficiently handle event registration, marketing, and communications.

Benefits of Using an Event Registration Software

It’s Very Convenient

A streamlined process of registration improves the experience of attendees, hosts, and other staff from the very beginning. Attendees can register at any time and from anywhere in the world.

It also saves a lot of your time as a planner, and you can focus on the more important elements of the event.

Customized Fields

Aside from the basic contact information of the attendees, you can introduce special fields into the online forms to gather useful information about the attendees for analytical purposes.

Group Registration Is Possible

Through a group registration option, one person can register on behalf of the entire group. This is especially useful for B2B clients and those wishing to attend with colleagues, friends, or even family.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Registration Platform

Key Features

It must support all ticketing and registration management, such as web-based ticketing, along with the added features that you specifically require.

User Interface

The user interface design should be simple and easy to use. This will allow for smooth and quick adoption across your teams.

Reputation and Reviews

Always opt for a reliable and trustworthy vendor that has good reviews. Talk to key industry influencers for their suggestions or recommendations before picking the right platform.

Facilitate Attendee Engagement

The platform should make it easy for participants and attendees to communicate with you and vice versa – from the time they register themselves till the end of the event.


Last but not least, you should find an event registration platform that best suits your budget while meeting your business needs. It’s easy to feel tempted by free websites and tools, but make sure you’re going for something reliable and not missing out on any critical features.

Top 6 Event Registration Platforms

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a globally recognized ticketing and event technology platform used by a variety of industries such as entertainment, social events, sports, charity, and business. It provides event planners with resources and tools to promote, plan, and execute events efficiently.

From arranging the event venue to taking care of the registrations, it has a wide variety of features. The interface is simple and easy to use. However, it’s a bit on the pricier end as compared to other platforms.

2. Amelia

This is a very reliable registration software which can expertly manage all ticketing, booking, and registration tasks 24/7. It also sends automatic notifications to the users and takes care of invoicing and payments.

The best part is that it’s a highly customizable event registration tool so it can easily fit into your event or brand’s requirements to give you a more personalized experience.

3. Eventmaker

Eventmaker is an all-encompassing event software that allows end-to-end control of all event processes. It helps you create the event website, market your event, register participants and attendees online, generate tickets and badges, and so much more.

With its cutting edge technology, it can improve your productivity and marketing capabilities and provide your attendees with a unique experience. You can also get custom reports and event stats with just a few clicks. Along with that, there’s 24/7 online support available.

4. Xingevents

Xingevents supports you right from the beginning of the event planning, and all the way through the post-event activities. It’s a robust software for large corporate conferences and trade fairs.

As the software originates from Germany, it’s especially useful for German-speaking participants by providing an interface in their native language that they are comfortable with. It can get you connected to over 15 million potential attendees that are part of the Xingevents community.

5. Weezevent

Weezevent provides event management services through its three applications called Weezticket, Weezaccess, and Weezpay. It provides complete event packages by offering attendee access control, ticketing, and registration and overall management of digital payments.

It also allows you to design customized, branded tickets, create client data, and use widgets to share tickets on your event website.

6. Cvent

Cvent is a cloud-based event registration software that simplifies and automates the entire event planning process. It is best suited for large organizations that have to deal with budget management, venue sourcing, guest arrangements, custom dashboards and reports, and more. Therefore, it’s particularly useful for organizing high-end events.

These event registration software programs can be the first step in setting the tone for your event and creating a strong impression in the market. Use them to efficiently manage your next big event!

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