Top 6 Commercial Interior Design Trends

Commercial design trends have transformed modern offices, popular stores, chic restaurants and cosy cafés into true hubs of style. Not only do modern interior spaces bring high style to a new level, but they also provide their visitors and residents with unusual comforts. Furthermore, modern design trends also aim at portraying businesses’ unique identities that can establish their brands on the global scene.
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Smart and wireless all the way

As we move forward, smart tech features are becoming a standard in modern design. Both residential and commercial spaces are embracing technology as its integral part as a way to bring new levels of accessibility and functionality to their residents. Modern office spaces implement and integrate high tech features into their designs while stylish shops, cafés and restaurants offer Wi-Fi access to their guests, promoting connectedness and convenience.

Bold, colourful and artistic

Designers are finding new and exciting ways to bring authenticity to commercial spaces. Thus, no longer can you see dark, dreary offices, uniform stores and sterile restaurants. Instead, you can find spaces with their own unique personalities reflected through diverse and inspiring design elements. Bold and vibrant colours are used to inspire creativity and elevate employees’, customers’ and visitors’ mood. Artistic features are also introduced, especially local works of art. In such a way, businesses support local artists while also promoting themselves as oriented towards their communities. Playful, colourful, artsy and authentic designs can be seen in commercial interiors around the globe, allowing companies to wow, charm and inspire their audience.
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Brand-conscious designs

Modern design trends have provided business owners with stunning opportunities to design brand-inspired interiors. From incorporating their brand colours to creating spaces that reflect company values, the design is used to reflect what makes a specific business authentic. However, promoting a company’s brand and culture through design is fairly complex, which is why business owners typically hire professionals who can suggest comprehensive solutions. For instance, reputable Hong Kong architecture firms that specialise in creating brand-conscious commercial environments devise branding strategies and design approaches specific to each company. Taking into consideration the design, brand and online presence, such companies create thoughtful concepts that can promote a unique business personality.

Interiors with a homey appeal

Comfort has become one of the crucial factors in the interior design of both commercial and residential spaces. Thus, it’s not surprising that more and more offices, cafés, restaurants and other commercial spaces have home-inspired looks with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. This trend oriented towards home-like comforts in commercial interiors has enabled the public to find a home away from home. Modern offices are equipped with lounge areas, fully-stocked kitchens and even bathrooms. Cafés and restaurants are also cosier and more comfortable than ever, featuring an intimate and inviting ambience. Their interiors and exteriors are embellished with cosy throws, cushions and even fire pits that contribute to the overall atmosphere. This trend has even found its way into retail stores that now offer cosy seating areas, dressing rooms and interactive tablets to their customers.
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Nature-inspired interiors

Nature-inspired interiors are certainly not a new trend, but it’s still increasing in popularity, bringing a world of creative ideas to offices, restaurants, hotels, cafés and other commercial spaces. Not only does green design bring visual interest to interiors, but it also has a positive impact on visitors, energising and inspiring them, and elevating their mood. This biophilic trend is reflected through the use of sustainable materials, lush living walls, tiny plants and beautiful water features. Businesses that have adopted this trend also aim at providing their employees and guests with healthy environments filled with fresh air, plenty of greenery and natural light. Furthermore, this trend has also inspired them to adopt energy-saving and eco-friendly practices that contribute to their business success, community well-being and the environment. What also makes commercial spaces featuring the biophilic design so inspiring is their unique sense of harmony and peacefulness.

All things marble

Infinitely elegant and stylish, marble has always been among the most popular materials in interior design. Commercial spaces have also welcomed this emblem of extravagance, using it for elegant restrooms, luxurious offices and glamorous kitchens. The stunning appeal of marble can help businesses create a luxurious atmosphere in their interiors, bringing a new level of indulgence to their customers and employees.
Popular design trends are transforming commercial interiors, providing them with an enticing atmosphere of glamour, elegance and serenity. They also bring new opportunities for brand promoting, allowing business owners to physically demonstrate what sets them apart.

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