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Top 5 Ways to Have Safe Sex - Likeitgirl

Safe sex means avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. You know the partner, then it is not a prime requirement before sex. But sex with a partner who is not known to you is always risky.

Safe sex enhances your safety so that you get the maximum from a sex session with your partner. Safe sex does not require any big investment. Rather, it requires just simple precautions, which are within the range of every males and female. Even when you are using erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra 150mg, the use of the condom is mandatory for safe sex.

Why Safe Sex Is A Necessity?

Unsafe sex that is when you are engulfing in sex without the use of condom exposes you to countless diseases. If you are with a stranger, it is necessary to protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. Your chances of diseases like chlamydia, syphilis, Mycoplasma genitalium, gonorrhoea, HIV or hepatitis B, etc. increase manifold.

Sometimes you face no immediate danger, because the symptoms may appear after a considerable gap. And in the meantime, you can infect your wife, and other partners you sleep with.

1. Keep Relations with One Partner Only

It may seem old fashioned and out of date, but it is the safest step towards safer sex. You know your partner well and both of you are dedicated to each other. You do not need to worry about any sex-related infection. Even you can perform sex with her without a condom. Enhance your relations by using lower dosage of the erectile dysfunction drugs like Cialis 5mg. It will help you to enjoy everything with the single partner.

2. A First and Effective Way to Have Safer Sex – Use Condom

Condoms are effective in checking the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. They create physical barriers without robbing you of any pleasure from sex. They enhance the pleasure, while at the same time increase protection. It is also important to use condoms in vaginal or anal sex. Even when you are in oral sex, the condom should be your first choice.

Protection for Foreplay

There are condoms for vibrators, gloves for foreplay with anus and vagina and a kind of sheet for oral sex on the vagina. If you do not indulge in foreplay, then there is no need for condoms during foreplay. But condom is needed for penetrative sex.

3. Use Safe and Tested Medicines for Sex Enhancement

It is often a common practice among males to use the drugs to enhance their sexual stamina and duration of the activity. There is no harm in using such medicines. But ensure that medicines are genuine and made by the trusted companies or manufacturer. Genuine medicines are intensively tested before their human use. They are safe for a healthy male. If you have some erection issue, use Levitra 40mg. it is a powerful drug that will take care of your erection for the next 4 -5 hours. However, a condom is mandatory, if you are with a stranger.

4. Use New Sex Toys, If You Use Them

Couples use sex toys to enhance their pleasure. Younger couples and even old couple use toys in various sizes and shapes. It is possible to transmit sex infections and diseases if sex toys are not new. So always use new toys, never use already used toys. Various lubricators, vibrators, straps, butt plugs and dildos are used during sexual sessions. Clean them after use and never exchange them with other couples. Follow the instructions for their proper use and cleaning methods.

5. Never Overdose Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Erectile dysfunction drugs are meant to increase the blood flow to the penis to overcome erection issues. One pill is sufficient to give a hard erection. Never overdose an ED drug pill, in the belief that you will get more sex power or stamina. These drugs are not aphrodisiac. In fact, overdose increases side effects. For your erection issue, you can use stronger and higher dose like Viagra 200mg but never overdose.

Like every medicine, erectile dysfunction medicines, even the generic ones- Cenforce 200mg, have some side effects. The intensity of these side effects increase when you overdose the drugs. The chances of medical complications also arise when you overdose. Your blood pressure may come down to the dangerous levels.

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