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Top 5 Unmissable Gold Coast Experiences - Likeitgirl

Top 5 Unmissable Gold Coast Experiences

With around 5 million visitors per year, the Gold Coast is so beautiful that it’s not hard to understand how it attracts so many people.

South of Brisbane, the Gold Coast is an area in Australia with amazing beaches and awesome city life, so it has the best of everything. From national parks to theme parks, it doesn’t matter what you’re into — the Gold Coast of Australia has it, making it perfect for a family vacation if you can’t agree on where to go!

So what are the best things to do on the Gold Coast, above all else?

  1. SkyPoint Observation Deck

On level 77 of the Q1 building is the SkyPoint Observation Deck, and it’s a must-do when visiting the Gold Coast.

It gives you a clear view of the beaches and the city, and you can look out on it from any direction!

There’s also a climb available to do if you love adrenaline.

  1. Dreamworld

The biggest theme park in Australia lies on the Gold Coast in the form of Dreamworld. If your kids want a day out at somewhere they can have tons of fun, or you’re just a big kid yourself, Dreamworld is the place to take a day at.

It has some thrill rides that might be better suited to adults than kids too!

  1. Jetboating

A jet boat tour lets you see the Gold Coast from the water, but is another experience that adrenaline addicts will love. Combine the beautiful views of Gold Coast Australia with some heart-pumping moves and you have yourself an awesome day out.

  1. Surfers Paradise

If you’re on a vacation with friends and don’t have kids with you, Surfers Paradise is a must-see. It’s an area of beach that has some amazing nightlife and will leave you with some of the best memories.

It’s also great for both surfers and sunbathing during the day, if you don’t want to visit it at night.

  1. Lamington National Park

You can take a walk through a subtropical rainforest at Lamington National Park, leaving you with a breath-taking experience.

There’s also a bunch of activities you can do with the park and rainforest area, including some wildlife experiences and some more thrilling activities for those who can’t get enough action.

You might need multiple days at this park because there’s so much to do, but Byron Bay serviced apartments are one of the many places close where you can stay! That way, you won’t be too far and can come back again and again during your trip.

You Won’t Regret Your Trip to the Gold Coast!

There’s a wealth of Gold Coast activities to do in Australia, and no vacation here will ever seem long enough. Start planning now, because you’ll want to fit as much in as possible in the time you’re there, and you’ll still plan another vacation to come back for more!

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