Top 5 Tips For Keeping Jewellery Organized

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Women love their trinkets – whether they are expensive diamond jewellery or simple junk items. When teamed up with the right costumes, these accessories can help in making great style statements on all occasions and events. Most women have great stocks of such jewels and it is important that they remain organized and well sorted so that you can find the right piece at the proper time. Proper organization of the jewellery pieces also ensures that the trinkets are well maintained.

At the very first place, it is important to segregate the pieces that are worn frequently from the ones that are kept only for special occasions. Women love to wear small pieces of jewels even while going to college or to work. Usually these trinkets are not very expensive and should be separated from expensive pieces of jewellery. If you are confused as how to manage the whole thing, here are some highly effective tips that can help you, in keeping your jewellery well organized:

For storing necklaces – Necklaces often tend to get tangled with one another, when they are not kept properly. And untangling them is a pretty difficult job. If not handled in the right manner, the chain might break while untangling them. The best way of storing necklaces is by hanging them from small hangers. Freestanding necklace holders and hangers are available in the market. If you cannot find one, get a peg rack installed in your wardrobe, where you can hang all your necklaces without tangling them. This also gives you easy visibility of the various neck pieces that you have.

For keeping rings – Rings are small pieces of jewels and have high chances of being misplaced when not stored property. For storing your precious diamond eternity rings or other expensive rings, it is recommended to use a box with soft, velvet cloth spread inside. Many women also use cotton for that extra padding so that the jewels remain extra protected. However, for junk rings, you can choose an ordinary box and keep all the rings at one place, so that you can find all the available options at one place.

Storing earrings properly – Earrings come in wide varieties. While some come in small stud style, some are big ones like hoops or danglers and chandeliers. It is important that each kind is stored separately so that you don’t have to rummage through all varieties while looking for a particular earring. Make small boxes or bags for each kind of earring and put a tag on each box as which kind of earring it contains.

Keeping bangles and bracelets – While some bangles are sleek; some are oversized and chunky pieces. The same applies for bracelets. Keeping these in jewellery boxes occupies lots of space. Instead use various kinds of holders (even a bangle holder will do) to keep your bangles organized. You can keep your bracelets spread in narrow jewellery boxes to keep them free from tangling.

Special care for bespoke diamond jewellery – It is quite obvious that the care and maintenance for your special bespoke jewellery will be little different from the ordinary pieces of trinkets that you possess. Usually these unique pieces of jewels come in special bags or cases. It is recommended to keep them as it is. These bags and cases have soft velvet lining inside so they keep the jewelleries free from scratches.

Now that your jewelleries are organized, you will have no problem in finding the right piece at the right time.

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