With the summer being at our doorsteps, it’s time to remove the covers of our pools and start preparing them for the next couple of months of pool-side enjoyment and fun. Although pool trends vary from year to year, some of them have persisted and are being adored by many. Whether it’s strictly aesthetic or fundamentally useful, people simply love maintaining and upgrading their pool area once the summer heat starts approaching. That said, here are five swimming pool trends that will dominate the summer of 2018.

Automatic pool covers

It’s not that people can’t bother with covering up their pool whenever the weather is bad or autumn starts knocking at our doors, but rather, there are simply too many benefits that automatic swimming pool covers offer. They protect the pool from water loss due to evaporation by keeping all the chemicals and heat from escaping. This saves a lot of money once you consider just how frequently we use pool cleaning chemicals and chlorine during the summer months. Automatic covers also prevent pets from drinking or swimming in your pool and can also function as covers during the winter. It might be a little pricier of an investment, but it does pay itself off in the long run.



Why would anyone need a pool heater with the summer being just around the corner, you might ask? But once the summer stops bathing us with sun rays and warm colors, the answer to this question becomes rather apparent. Not to mention people living in climates where the temperature difference between day and night can be rather significant, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to go out for a quick midnight swim before throwing in the towel for the day. Pool heaters might cost you a monthly fee for gas or electricity, but they are an excellent way of postponing autumn’s beige by a couple of more weeks or welcoming summer a little bit earlier than you normally would.

Fire and water

If you wish to achieve what most people consider to be the ultimate marriage of fire and water, then burners and fire pits are the way to go. They have been all the rage for the last couple of years and they’re still going as strong. Whether it’s natural gas pits, burners in large braziers and file bowls, or poolside pits and fire cauldrons, people simply can’t get enough of them. The latest pool-fire craze is a sunken fire pit in the middle of the pool and it’s definitely a sight to behold. They give off this wonderful feeling of a recluse while still being a center of everyone’s attention.

Zero-edge and infinity pools

Used to be called pools with vanishing edges, infinity or zero-edge pools are probably the most expensive and the most beautiful type of pool you can imagine. Every expensive resort has them and isn’t afraid of stating that fact whenever given the chance. The infinity edge effect is created by shortening one side of the pool and allowing water to spill over into a water collecting area below.

This is something that can easily be achieved by making your pool out of fiberglass. Modern fibreglass swimming pools have gotten a lot of attention lately as they allow people to be a little more extravagant with their pools without actually burning a hole in their pocket.

Nature pools

Going green is more than simply getting a hybrid and talking nonstop about it. The dream of 100% chemical-free and eco-friendly environment also means having a natural swimming pool. What’s absolutely brilliant about nature pools is that they use various aquatic plants to keep themselves clean. This means no chlorine and other chemicals and significantly smaller maintenance costs. You might need more space as most natural pools come with a smaller, shallow pool which contains plants used for filtering.

Nature pools

These are just some of the options you have available for your pool. Honorable mentions have to go to exotic wooden entries and splash decks, as well as natural rock arrangements and waterfall elements around or inside the pool. Make sure you pick the one that matches your personality perfectly or at least your backyard, and don’t go overboard with the upgrades or you will quickly burn through your pool budget.

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