Top 5 Swimming Pool Designs for 2018

As pool owners are actively looking into simplifying the currently popular pool designs and turning them into more refined, effortless design solutions, pool design is changing dramatically, following the owners’ demands. At this point, it is safe to say that the days of swim-up bars and flashy glass windows are behind us and that we’re experiencing a moment that will be remembered as a pool design renaissance.

When choosing the right pool for your home, there are several aspects to factor in; unless you are an expert, it’s best you leave the details to the experts and focus on picking the design of your pool. Assuming you’d want the pool to be the focal point of your garden or the envy-worthy element of your backyard, we’re laying out our favourite five swimming pool designs to inspire you (hint: designers predict everyone will be swooning over them in 2018):

The infinity of waves

If you’ve ever gushed over the infinity edge swimming pools in the likes of LA-based TV shows and movies (or your rich friends’ backyards) you know what we’re talking about. This popularized cosmetic design feature enables the edge of a swimming pool to “lose itself” in the horizon, creating a breathtaking effect. Seemingly, the pool looks like it’s merging with the landscape as one of the lips is lowered and the water overflows over it. The year 2018 is bringing ‘knife edge’ pools which are similar to infinite edge pools but even more spectacular-looking: multiple edges are overflowing, visually creating an impressive effect.

Lounging ledges

Whether you are living in the muggy Australia or are lucky to be closer to California and its fabulous climate, a lounging ledge for your swimming pool is everything to look forward to in the pool design. Pool designers are saying 2018 is all about lounging ledges as they are super functional and easy to install. They are about 20cm deep and are made in a shallow area of your pool. You can use the area for leisure, relaxation and sunbathing or let the kids enjoy a safe paddle.

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Mosaic everywhere

For all of you who are looking to give your homes an extra artistic touch, installing a mosaic pool may be the answer. Mosaic tiles have the power to form a variety of stunning designs both around your pool and inside of it, adding to the cohesive vibe of the outside and the pool base. Glass tiles are becoming the ultimate hit due to their sleekness, but other tiles can make for a phenomenal pool design as well. Mosaic pools look luxurious and prestigious, so if that’s the idea you are going for – you know what pool design to pick.

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Fibreglass pools

For everyone who isn’t that crazy about months of pool work in their backyard, fibreglass pools are key. When installed properly, fibreglass swimming pools look exceptional; complemented with eye-catching landscaping and decking, they make for a fantastic outdoor element. Speaking of these types of pools it’s good to know that they are algae-resistant which saves you money on chemicals in the long run and they are installed in a day. They come in many different forms and most can be customized. Also, they are built at the factory and shipped to your home… which we think is kind of convenient, right?

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The mixture of beauties


The marriage of different elements screams sophistication, especially if we’re talking about the always-inspiring natural terrain paired with the most urbane luxurious architectural designs. The undeniable beauty of nature will only be enhanced by the simple, sleek design of a modern swimming pool. 

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