Top 5 street foods you cannot miss to try while in Kolkata

Food is one calling many people cannot ignore, especially when you hear about how out of the world and unique the things you find in a particular city are. The same can be said about Kolkata, the city where street food shines and draws people from all quarters. Read on and find out the best street foods in Kolkata.

Kolkata is known for its street food. There is no ways about it. If you have a conversation about the best street food in India, Kolkata is definitely up there, with many even considering it to be the best. So what makes Kolkata street food stand out from the rest? What is it that you get in Kolkata that you don’t in the other parts of India? Well, you have to be there to find out by yourself! Check for the train number 05007 running status, which will take you to the Howrah train station. Book your tickets and find out for yourself!

Jhal Muri

 jhal muri

Made of puffed rice, onions, boiled potatoes, green chillies and various powdered spices and a sweet and sour sauce, these ingredients are all tossed together and served in a paper bag garnished with some coriander leaves and a usually with a thin slice of coconut. Jhal muri is slightly similar to the popular bhel puri, only more spicier and more yummier!



You cannot miss this street food delicacy while in Kolkata. It is healthy, clean and well cooked. Ghugni can be of different types from veg to even non veg and fish depending on how the vendor likes to make, however, the most popular is the classic one made of mattar and simmered over for hours with various spices and tomatoes garnished with coriander leaves, finely chopped onions, thinly sliced tomatoes and sometimes peanuts. It in a way looks like the bhaji for Pav Bhaji but tastes totally different.



You may know this popular street food as panipuri or golgappa but it is called phuchka way over in Kolkata. It is again quite similar to the ones found in other parts of India, however people who have tasted the ones in Kolkata or the ones found in Bengali stalls in other parts of India never go back to the other ones. The stuffed mashed potato mix is out of this world and the tamarind water mixed with spices adds the perfect tangy kick to it!



If you a vegan or vegetarian, you are missing out on this delicacy. The famous egg rolls of Kolkata are famous for a reason. They are simple, lightly spiced but packed with flavour and has the perfect texture! The soft egg wrapped around a thin flat bread giving it a slightly crispy touch and the crunch of the raw onions and raw cabbage makes this snack almost orgasmic.


After you have gorged on the spicy street treats, head out for some sweets. The sweet meats of Kolkata is famous all over. Mostly made of milk and stored in a refrigerator, the sweets are not only little drops of heaven, but also help your spicy food sit well in your stomach.

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