Top 5 most expensive cosmetic brands in the world

Makeup is one of the top requirement or fashionista ladies. And when it’s time to buy makeup accessories, quality is the most important ingredient to look for. But, as quality arises, the prices also go up. However, not many people are concerned about the price when it comes to buying makeup products. Do you know what are some of the top most expensive cosmetic brands in the world? If not, don’t worry here we are sharing 5 of the most expensive makeup brands that you can buy anywhere in the world.


If we are talking of royalty and elite, Chanel is at the top spot on the list of most expensive makeup brands in the world. The brand was founded in 1909 by a French company COCO Chanel. The brand is famous for almost everything that it manufacturers. The product range of Chanel offers bags, fashion accessories, shoes and the topic we are discussing, makeup products. If you are planning to buy beauty or cosmetic products from this brand, you must have a strong bank account.

Mary Kay:

Securing the second place on our list of expensive cosmetic companies in the world, Mary Kay is a brand that has captured masses around the globe. The brand is different from others in the world, as it keeps direct selling in hands up till now. The store also provides beauty advice and insights into what’s trending in the fashion world. However, if you are planning to buy from this brand, you must have pockets full of cash to buy the ultimate high-quality makeup products.

L’Oreal Paris:

L’Oreal no doubt is the most famous cosmetic brands in the world. However, the brand does not offer highly expensive products. Rather the clientele is everyone from elite to upper middle and middle class. The company offers a wide array of makeup and cosmetic products to the entire world. The collection features makeup, skin care, hair care, perfume and other makeup accessories that any women would ever require to apply while doing makeup. If you are looking to shop L’Oreal Paris makeup products, online makeup shopping in Pakistan via could be the best solution to get original products at your doorstep.


MAC is another among the most expensive makeup brands in the world. The company was launched mutually by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. Not just the regular clientele, but MAC has been able to get traction from beauty experts and large makeup saloons and parlors. The most famous product of MAC is lipstick, lip gloss and mostly lip makeup products that women need to apply to highlight their lips.


Oriflame is a large known makeup & cosmetic brand all over the world. The company was started in 1967 in Sweden. The company has grabbed a fair bit of share in the market with heavy direct selling efforts that its employees have put in. Another reason for oriflamme expensive products to still mesmerize the customers is high-quality ingredients that the brand uses to manufacture its products. The company offers makeup, skin care, hair care and other cosmetic products.

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