Know that garages are not just for cars. It’s a space like any other, and if you prefer to keep your cars outside, why let all this space go to waste? There are many things you can do with your garage, it all hinges on how imaginative you are, and how much time you are willing to invest in such a project. However, if you keep in mind the possible benefits, you will certainly pull through. Below are some great garage makeover ideas that you should really try.

A man cave

Keep your garage as your own personal space, a place dedicated to fun and relaxation. Now, we call it a man cave, but it doesn’t just have to be an exclusive boys club. The point here is that you have a special section of the house that is for fun and fun alone.

So, set it up in whatever way you want (in line with your budget and space of course). So get a pool or foosball table in there. Maybe your own bar, with a keg on tap. Another thing you can do is set up a complete entertainment system. Just imagine – a couple of comfy sofas, a big coach, a huge screen, and a good movie. Or, maybe a gaming station or console, for a long, fun night of gaming.

You can also go with something a bit more elegant, like an old-timey den, surrounded by books and paintings.

Your home gym

Barely anyone has enough time to go to the gym regularly, and a big part of that is the commute. You have to travel, either by foot, bus, or car to your gym. Then, you have to wait in line for the right machine to free up, mingle with people you don’t really want to see, and just lose too much time in general. So why not set up your own home gym?

The main issue with setting up a home gym is space. You can always buy extra equipment later on. Get a bench, a barbell, and some weights, and slowly wean yourself off from the gym once you finally get all the gear you need. So, an empty garage is just the thing you need. You can be as loud, obnoxious, and free as you want when you have your own gym. And of course, you will save up a huge amount of time.

An extra room

Do you have family over often? Would you like to have your parents or extended family visit you more? Then why not have an extra spare room to act as a guest house. You can get whomever you want, and they can stay for as long as they (or rather, you) want.

You can also use this room to give your kids some extra privacy when they get older. Just remember, if you want it to look nice, you need to fix it up. Contact a good company, and see to it that you get a garage doors repair. Then have it painted and fixed up.

You should also check with a contractor, or plumber, and see what the potential of this new room can be. Maybe they can get some plumbing there too, and keep like a real guesthouse, completely autonomous, with its own shower and bathroom.

Home office

Do you have the option of working from home? Do you do so on a regular basis? Then you know just how important it is to have space just for yourself. Distractions will always come up, as will family annoyances, problems, and just general noise. This does not make working from home that appealing. However, with your very own office, you get to be close to your family, while still having your own room where you can focus. Minimal distractions, with all the freedom you want.

A workshop

Do you like to work with your hands? Are you one of those people that constantly tinker with machinery or electronics? Then you really need your own workshop. Constantly getting your car out and then in whenever you want to work on something, moving your work-stations around, it can be a real hassle.

By converting your garage into your workshop, you can have a lot more space to work on whatever you want to work on. Furthermore, it doesn’t require as much work as other makeovers do. Some hobbies require more serious tools and machinery, and a small shed just isn’t enough. Know that some of these tools are not exactly mobile. Keeping it fixed in your garage will help you avoid parking your car in and out every time you want to work on something.


The garage has just so much potential – why waste it on a car, especially if it’s safe to keep it outside all the time? With some elbow grease and a little imagination, you can get a lot of freedom with your garage. Whether you turn it into your own home gym, a specialized workshop, your home office, or a man cave, you will regret not doing so a lot sooner.

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