It is during the past 10 years the makeup industry has taken over the world. There is no doubt that the modern woman loves to put on makeup and afraid to say that yes she does so. And that is why today’s article is based on 5 international brands of beauty products that you can give to the woman in your life. Of course, you might have been surprised at this moment which sum of the other kinds of gifts earlier but now that you are sitting back home in lockdown and there are no chances that it will open soon it’s a good idea to shop some of these products online and give them as a birthday gift with birthday flowers. Let’s check out which of these 5 brands that will make a change in their beauty routine.

1) Limited Edition products

It may happen so about this brand that either you might have started using it or it was passed on to your mother from grandmother and then from your mother to you. This brand is none other than the Body Shop. In their limited edition they have Ginger root extracts from India and from their hair care department we’ve anti-dandruff shampoo that contains essential oils from Sri Lanka. It’s a great brand and I have used it too. From my experience, I can tell you that this is the brand you must-have for any woman in your life and its limited editions are the perfect gifts. You can send flowers to delhi along with the gift baskets.

2) Shop Something Canadian 

Well, it is high time that we get over the American products and let’s go shopping in Canada. The Canadian beauty brand has been famous for quite a while, staying over 70 years and is run particularly by women of three generations This is none other than Elizabeth Grant. Her latest range of Torricellian is just perfect for your beauty queens wrinkles, dryness, sagging, etc. You can send these along with happy birthday flowers or if you know someone in Canada that can help you. It’s the best thing to give not just to a woman but for men as well.

3) Pink Clay and More 

After exploring Canada it is time to leave for Australia has got this beautiful brand called Alya skincare. Now Alya skincare has an amazing edition of pink clay consisting of 100 % Kaolin clay that works on reliving, freshness, and brightness of your skin.  It’s amazing for especially those women whose skin is sensitive. It has a lot more things than just clay. And if you are wondering how to order flower delivery in Bangalore along with the products then don’t worry just go for online delivery.

4) Epicenter of Beauty 

And if even after using these many products you are unsatisfied that it is finally the time to go to the epicenter of beauty and that is Korea. Laneige is the brand that focuses on hydration and it’s the key to younger-looking vitalized skin. Their moisturizers are a water bank for your skin, especially its night mask which is a miracle worker for your skin. Now this will make up for a perfect anniversary gift along with some wonderful anniversary flowers. They also have a wonderful range of lip balms with fruit extracts.

5) Last Stop for the Makeup Boss 

I’m sure of one thing that your wife, sister, or any other woman of importance in your life may not put on makeup regularly. But she must be in love with some of the makeup brands and now we have reached our final destination of the makeup experts and that is Charlotte Tilbury. It is quite a unique brand, celebrity makeup artist and she has brought in products that she would use herself. She launched her company with 200 products and some of the best-sellers include pillow talk lipstick and Matt revolution range that has a variety of shades for your lovely ladies. Her products would make up for a perfect anniversary bouquet & return gift ideas  along with the gift basket

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