Top 3 Tips for Successful Video Marketing

Videos have become an important and integral part of every digital marketing strategy. These are fast emerging to be a strong medium for business promotion and brand establishment. Video marketing offers an exciting and entertaining way of conveying the business’ message to target consumers.

For a business to be successful at video marketing, there are a number of rules to be followed. These help in ensuring that the overall marketing strategy provides valuable and measurable results for the business. Videos can be as effective as they can be dangerous in case a business goes wrong with the content.

Here are some of the top tips for successful video marketing that every business must adopt and follow for effective marketing campaigns.

Focus on Story

The internet is full of clutter when it comes to various forms of content. Differentiating a video from this clutter is important and it can be done by focusing on a particular story. A video, even when created for marketing purposes, must focus more on the story and less on the sales. This can allow the video to be more engaging and customers can easily relate to it.

Sales videos are not what customers are looking for. Instead, they are always on the lookout for information and entertainment. This must be offered as a package by the videos that a business designs for marketing. A video with a story can easily be connected to the brand to ensure that there is brand recognition in the long term. Such videos can also be placed to have a better call to action, which can result in higher sales.

Seconds Matter

In today’s fast age, viewers are able to analyse their interest levels in a video within a few seconds, sometimes as little as ten seconds. These ten seconds could be the deciding factor for a business depending on the content and creativity that it infuses in the video’s first ten seconds. It is about expectation management and maximum understanding of the viewer’s likes and dislikes.

The video thumbnail, description and also title should entice the viewer to watch the video till the end. The first ten seconds need to be designed such that it generates curiosity in the viewer to continue with the story and watch it till the end. Whether it is based on inspiration, comedy or knowledge, the theme must be as per the viewer’s attraction point.

Humour Counts

Corporate videos often turn boring because of the fear of using humour in a video with a professional message. This hardly counts with the audience. Today, people are on the lookout for humour to get away from their mundane lives. To connect with the audience, a business must ensure to fill the videos with humour in the right places. This can have a faster brand recall among viewers and it can also attract viewers of all age groups.

The idea is to revolve humour around the brand’s theme instead of the other way around. This way, the business will not be overdoing humour but keeping the content subtle and more attractive. Making use of video marketing services could prove to be the right decision while looking to incorporate humour in videos.

Videos should not only be designed and placed but also marketed. This requires the use of optimization tactics to ensure that the videos are found and viewed by the right target viewers. For attracting maximum SEO value from a video, it must first be placed on the business’ domain link. Tagging videos with relevant keywords and ensuring that they are embedded with correct marketing links could enhance the overall video placement quality. In the end, the focus of every business must be on using video marketing strategies to generate more sales.

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