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Top 10 unexpected health benefits of yoga in daily life - Likeitgirl

Top 10 unexpected health benefits of yoga in daily life

Yoga is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices which originated about 6000 years ago. Various activities of yoga combine breathing techniques, physical postures, meditation and relaxation. In the latest time, it is has become famous as a physical exercise as it promotes improved control of the mind and body and enhances good health.

Is Yoga Necessary?

As there is an enormously different form of exercises available, why is it necessary for anyone to choose yoga? Yoga helps to rejuvenate with your internal core strength. Yoga asana helps you to reduce our stress level but in this modern world, we are more involved in our smart phones rather than taking care of our health. If you can invest half an hour to your health, it would be quite beneficial.

Intensity of Yoga:

The amount of time depends upon which yoga regimen you have chosen. There are list of yoga postures named as Hatha and Iyengar which require gentle and slow technique and there are yoga practices named as Bikram and which is faster and more challenging.

Benefits of Yoga:

1.Flexibility: Yoga stretches your muscle and increases your movement. If it is done on a regular basis, the flexibility will be more.

2.Aerobic: As yoga is not considered to be an aerobic exercise but more of an athletic variety, it will make you sweat. It is not an aerobic exercise but it is found to be as good as any health exercise for improving breathing.

3.Strength: It requires a lot of strength to maintain your body posture. As it’s not easy, but regular practice of yoga will strength muscles of your arms, legs and core.

4.Low-Impact: As yoga will give you a full workout of your body, it will never let your body joints or any other parts to get affected.

5.Helps you Fight Cholesterol: Yoga is significantly good for people who are suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, breathing problem or heart diseases. It is highly necessary to do this yoga postures under expert guidance when you are doing it for the first time. As you might need to eliminate some of them depending on your body.

6.Treats Back Pain: This might sound quite unreal. But if you start doing yoga for at least one week you can feel the changes in yourself.

7.Helps your Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis is a rare disease and to cure this, a lot of medication is required. To get cured naturally is to start yoga with the help of an expert. Iyengar type of yoga helps you to get cured of Rheumatoid arthritis.

8.Additional Advantages: Yoga cures hangovers, improves digestion, helps with asthma, and helps you sleep better. It reduces stress and weight loss, helps you to maintain a balanced metabolism, strengthen your bone health, and boosts your immunity.

9.Improves Heart Health: As you all know, heart patients need to maintain a nutritious life. But now days you can also improve blood circulation and lower your heart rate with the help of yoga.

10.Regulates Adrenal Glands: Yoga helps to lower Cortisol levels as excessive Cortisol can leads to depression which in return boosts your immune system.

Choose a proper yoga center which is right for you:

Yoga is an investment for your own health. So it is quite necessary to choose a proper yoga training center. Approaching yoga center has now become difficult as you should know which program will be the best one for you. One should not rush for any yoga center before having a proper research about the center. There are few points discussed which will help you choose the best yoga center.

1.Visit the center and enquire about the classes and the process how it is done.
2.Is the training center registered with yoga alliance?
3.Make an appointment to have a talk with the team head.
4.What is the price of various courses offered?
5.What is the time commitment?

To conclude, yoga is not a religion but it is a spiritual guidance in life. Good health, free and happy life is in your hands. If you practice regularly with dedication then success will be certain. “Yoga in daily life” can help you keep positive, and purposeful in life.
To practice yoga means to be active in the most positive way and to work for the wellbeing of the mankind. Lastly, people should also discuss about yoga in their daily lives and guide others to know the importance of it. With this you should also take care of the food activities every day as it also affects your health.
So, join the best workshops and yoga training centers, as they will help you reap the advantages and Benefits of Yoga.

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