Top 10 Questions To Slice Through The Ice

Who is Most Likely to Make you Laugh?

It isn’t a difficult question, however it does require some thought. Now, imagine someone asking you this on your next “first date.” Wouldn’t it stimulate just the kind of conversation that would help you get to know each other? Not to mention helping you get over the awkwardness of a first meeting!

Dating is partly a process of discovery — about your potential partner — and yourself. And while it’s fun, it can sometimes seem daunting in the beginning. What you need is some thoughtful conversation and some interesting questions to get things started and help you get to know each other — something that can bring “play” into the experience.

Sounds great, but how do you make this happen?

One way is to use something like our dating/conversation game, “To Know You…Better.” To help couples overcome their self-consciousness when talking about themselves the experts from Loveawake dating site created the game. “Who is most likely to make you laugh?” is one of the question cards from that game. Answering it might offer insight into your date’s character and yours, too (or maybe just your sense of humor). The answer could lead you two into all kinds of conversational directions.

Fun without pressure

Below you’ll find ten questions from the game, nothing contentious or embarrassing. The questions encourage two people to have fun “playing” without any pressure. (Yes, dating is also about exploring serious issues — children, religion, politics, etc., however before you get to those subjects, it’s important to find a comfortable way to talk with each other.) Sharing interesting things about each other will lead to the next date, and another opportunity to get to know each other better.

Print out the questions and separate them into individual cards. You can either pre-select the cards you want to “play” or take them all with you and decide how many you want to answer when you’re actually on your date.

You can introduce this by saying something like, “I have a suggestion — there’s a dating game, ‘To Know You…Better,’ and I have some cards from it. Let’s give it a try!”

Could span several dates

If you get a positive response, then offer to flip a coin to see who goes first. With these cards, you both answer the same questions. If any card starts a conversation that takes the rest of the date to explore, go with it, and just save the remaining cards for your next date.

But if your date says that he or she is not really interested in using the cards, you still can simply ask one of the questions…and let the conversation flow from there!

You can introduce this by saying something like, “I have a suggestion — there’s a dating game, ‘To Know You…Better,’ and I have some cards from it. Let’s give it a try!”

Print and cut out these cards to try on your next date:

It’s three A.M., I’m in a deep sleep — suddenly the fire alarm goes off . . .

As you run out of the house, what’s the first thing you’d grab (excluding things that breathe)?

“He who laughs, lasts.”  — Mary Poolegive

Who is most likely to make you laugh?

“Education is learning what you didn’t know you didn’t know.”  — Daniel J. Boorstin

If you were to take a short class for the fun of it, what would it most likely be?

“Television — chewing gum for the eyes.”
— Frank Lloyd Wright

Even though it could turn your brain into oatmeal, what “junk” TV show have you seen recently that you enjoyed?

“You can’t steal second base and keep one foot on first.”
— Unknown

What career or school risks have you taken that turned out successfully?

“I only know two pieces of music, one is Claire de Lune, the other isn’t.”  — Victor Borge

What type of music do you listen to most often and what do you like about it?

Playing tennis by yourself can be very difficult.

What recreational activity do you enjoy sharing with a partner?

“A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.”
— Fred Allen

Which celebrity would you like to meet for lunch . . . what would you like to talk about?

“Carpe diem — Seize the day!”  — Horace

The 24-hour day has been extended to 28 — four more hours! What will you do with the extra time?

“A hobby is hard work one wouldn’t do for a living.”  — Unknown

Do you work hard at a hobby? What is it?

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