Top 10 most Romantic flowers for valentine’s day

Flowers have always been one of the most preferred gifts of all times.  Giving flowers is like giving a slice of happiness. They add flair to the gift. Everyone simply loves the undeniable beauty of flowers and its fragrance helps to elevate our spirit and make them feel loved and cared for Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your love and care to your true love. It’s the best time to appreciate people around you for their love and care by giving them a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Flowers on valentine’s day could work as a cupid as it could easily express your feeling and that too in the most unique ways possible.

But are you worried about what to send your lover this valentine? Choosing from such a large category of flowers could be difficult and time-consuming but we have got you covered.


No other flower could express as deep emotions as a rose. Being one of the most finest and romantic flowers ,they are the first choice of anyone willing to showcase their love and care. They are sophisticated, frisky, and artistic which makes them suitable for a day like this.

At all times, roses have won the hearts of people. The gentle petal of roses has been long associated with femininity and grace. no one has been spared from the magic of a rose. Roses and valentine’s day go hand in hand . A long stemmed red rose bouquet could easily make your valentine’s day special. Red roses have been long associated with love . Being a flower of love and purity , roses will never go out of style when it comes to expressing love and care.

Tender Purple Orchids-

Orchids have been long ignored due to their distinctive characteristics but not anymore. Orchids have started making their way to everyone’s heart’s. These flowers signify love and respect. Their awe-worthy fragrance is refreshing and their arrangement is eye-appealing.

Giving your lover a bouquet of purple orchids showcases your respect and love for that person.

Happy Sunflowers-

Being widely known for their astounding beauty and representing warmth and happiness these flowers are perfect to make your loved one happy on such a lovely day. On the day of romance , you could show up with a bouquet of these happy flowers that will instantly put a smile on their face .

Soft Pink Daisies-

These flowers are best- suited for occasions where you want to express your love and gratitude for someone. The color itself could elevate your mood. Its softness and fragrance. It seems to be a perfect choice if you want to give it to someone important to you. It carries a message of true love and it is going to say “I care” or “I love you”.

Delicate Tulips-                                                                                                                Apart from roses , Tulips are the second most widely gifted flower on Valentine’s day.  Tulips symbolizes deep love for someone and what’s a better day to express your love to someone other than on the Day of love – valentine’s day . An arrangement of red and pink tulips is an exquisite choice to give your loved one on this day of love.

Lovely Red Carnations-

These are popularly known for expressing love and admiration. It expresses feelings of fondness and affection towards someone! What is the best day to express our love and fondness for someone we actually care about? It’s valentine’s day. A bouquet of red carnations on such a romantic day will eventually light up the mood . In terms of expressing love and tenderness there’s no better choice than red carnations!

Dazzling Lilies-

The incandescent beauty and innocence of this flower are worth writing poetry about. It is associated with purity and love. For centuries, they have been used to celebrate ever-lasting love . They are available in variant colors such as lavender, orange, yellow, white, and purple.white and pink lilies make a dazzling combination for the Day of Love. As White lilies are associated with love and purity. They have often been considered as an appropriate choice for valentine’s day.

Captivating Camellia-

The love flower of China has made its way to everyone’s heart all over the world. This flower symbolises love , care and affection. Being an important flower in chinese weddings , camellia is gifted to show the union of two souls . The day Of Love paired with the flower of love makes an ideal choice. Camellia is available in three different colors with each colour representing its own distinctive characteristics. White and red are most suited flowers to give your true love on a day like Valentine’s day.

Ravishing Red Chrysanthemum-

Red has been tagged as the universal colour of love when combined with these love flowers make a ravishing bouquet. Chrysanthemums symbolize love and deep passion . If you give red chrysanthemum to someone it implies that you deeply love and care for that person which is the ultimate meaning of Valentine’s day. A bouquet adorned with red chrysanthemum will surely stick a wide smile to their face.

Pleasing Peony –

This official emblem of china is also known for the love connotations attached to it. Peony itself translates to “most beautiful” and you surely will be mesmerized by the beguiling beauty that will make the recipient fall in love with it . Send a bouquet of Peonies to your significant other to express your love and care this Valentine’s.

Let this year be the year of Love. There’s no better day than Valentine’s day to show someone how much you love and care. And what’s better than sending a bouquet of florals on their doorstep to make their day extra special.

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